I know I'm alone on this but....I miss the Jay Leno Show

After watching The Tonight Show since Leno resumed his duties I find myself missing the little things that were different on the Jay Leno show. I miss the different aspect of it, the fact that there were comedians instead of musical guests all of the time. I miss “Earn Your Plug”, “Jackass of the Month”, and the greencar challenges.

The Tonight Show is just so formulaic. Monologue, Comedy bit, guest, guest, musical number (that I don’t care about). To me it’s still funny and all, but it’s the little things that made JLS different that I miss more than the actual show.

Missed the edit:

Forgot to mention 10 @ 10…another awesome idea.

You’re not alone. I miss it, too. I can rarely manage to stay up past 10-10:30 p.m. (JLS was on at 9 p.m. central) so I enjoyed getting to watch a late night-type show that was on before my bed time. I had never really liked Leno on The Tonight Show, with the exception of Headlines, and I thought he seemed funnier and more likable on the new show. It was as if he had more freedom and was letting his hair down a bit.

I was just starting to get into the habit of watching him at 10:00. I think they jumped the gun a little when they dumped it.

I’m disappointed too that they didn’t keep the better stuff from Jay’s show.

Seems like they went back to the original Tonight Show format. I hoping that Letterman will create some competition. Jay tends to get in a rut sometimes. But, he is very competitive. Jay will come up with new stuff if Letterman starts kicking his butt.

He said no music at 10 because he thought the web gave everyone exposure - so why did he decide to go back to music every night?

because the powers at NBC wanted it, and he’s a company man till death.

I would guess because he has to.

As was said above, the JLS gave him more freedom and allowed him to do the show HE wanted to do…as opposed to The Tonight Show where the formula is what it always has been

I wonder if people are watching the new shows on at 10PM EST timeslot. I know I watched the first Marriage Ref but was so turned off by the sound error and the lame back and forth between Alec Baldwin, Seinfeld and Ripa. I read that the Larry David, Madonna, Gervais one had better banter but the “fights” between husband and wife are so out there that they seem fabricated too.

If NBC has learned nothing with this fiasco, they have learned one thing:
If it ain’t broke, stop trying to fix it!

Jay Leno’s Tonight Show was number one in the ratings.
Once things get back to normal (and ratings are proving this to happen sooner than many pundits thought) Jay can start doing other things and tweak the show here and there.

In the meantime, carry on on get the show back on track.
Once that happens, go ahead and make those changes - and Jay has always added a few things to see what sticks - Headlines, Jaywalking, thing you can buy at the 99 cent store, etc.

Jay has had comedians end the show in the past, and as he finds new good comedians, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t throw a few in there to wrap up the show.

But in the meantime, cut the guy some slack. He has had the show back for what, two weeks?

The biggest change I notice is that when watching Tonight Show I’m actually bored. I was never bored watching Jay, but once his comedy bits are over I almost don’t care about guests since they don’t do anything fun anymore (Earn Your Plug, Greencar, 10@10 etc.)