I know I'm just a Yankee, but... WTH?

Yeah, really, what’s up with that??

Durned Southern hamsters eating our Yankee OPs!

Ha! I saved my OP!!

From the Oct. 17 Tennessean:

“People of Confederate descent”? Huh?

Is this a new class of people I have worry about offending? Would it be illegal to discriminate against them? Should we have hiring quotas or affirmative action programs for People of Confederate Descent? If I point out that many people have problems with what the Confederacy stands for, would I be accused of being a Confederaphobe?

Skammer [person of Union descent, I guess]


Skammer, now don’t you worry none, hon. There’s just some things Southern you got to scratch your head over, conclude they don’t make no sense, and then have a good laugh. Okay? Now this here statement you done provided us is an excellent example. I think the UDC don’t understand what folks of “Confederate descent” really means. They intending it to mean “white folks,” and I guess in a way they trying to be PC or something so they can get away from just out and out saying “white folks.” But now when you think about what folks of “Confederate descent” actually does mean, it means that at some point some of their ancestors lived in a Confederate state. Well, unless I miss my guess, there was plenty of white, black, and American Indian folks what just happened to live in the Confederate states when they were declared Confederate. It seems to me that Vanderbilt is making sure that all folks of Confederate descent are being represented. So the UDC needs to quit gettin’ they panties in a bunch over a whole lot of nothin. :smiley: