I know someone who was investigated by Secret Service

And lived to tell about it. I’ve told his story several times over the years, but he tells it far better than I ever did:

What’s So Secret About the Secret Service?
There are multiple reasons to love the internet, and getting back in touch with Peter is definitely one for me.

That’s a cute story.

When I was in Basic Training my Dad kept sending me “themed” letters. For example, there was one that was written like it was for GI Joe, or a video game character, stupid stuff like that. Then he sent me one that was Russian. It had a picture of Stalin and wrote stuff like, “Great Comrade, we are so proud you have chosen to defend the motherland!”

The first chance I got, I dialed him up and reminded him that it was NOT okay to send mock Communist propaganda to me.

Yeah, I was trying to explain the limitations of the Constitutional right to free speech to some eighth graders once, and gave the example of “you’re not allowed to say you’re going to kill the president-” and didn’t get a chance to get to the part about “or many, many scary people in dark suits will come and talk to you” before the entire class started screaming about popping a cap in George W.


I wasn’t a big fan of President Bush, but I sure did not want to get caught in charge of that group of darling children.