I know this is a sick question but I gotta ask: (Sex with dead people)

A hypothetical:

Husband and wife are married for a long time.

Husband wakes up one morning only to discover to his horror that his wife passed away during the night. (No foul play was involved. She died of natural causes)

So the husband thinks to himself: “Hmm, this is the last time I’m going to be able to have sex with my wife.” So he does.

Has a crime been committed?

What, no “Need answer fast”?

Probably. Here’s a statute from Ohio that would seem to apply:

Abuse of a corpse

And one from Utah:

Another cite

I picked those States because they happened to pop up on the first page on a quick google for “Abuse of a corpse”…

The “I gotta ask” in the subject worries me…

Um, yes. In most places sex with a dead body is illegal. Doesn’t matter whose body.

Also, gross.

So when people use natural lambskin condoms, or Portnoy with the raw liver: is that necrophilliac bestialty?

I thought the question was going to be about the mechanics, so now I’m curious about that myself. Lots of vaseline?

How did the necrophilliac lose his girlfriend?

Rotten bitch split on him.

Necrophilia: crack open a cold one.

But not all places. There was an incident a few years back in some Midwestern state (I think it might have been Wisconsin) where some guys had sex with a recently deceased woman and the police and DA found that there was no specific law prohibiting that act in that state. The men were charged with some other related crime, like illegally vandalizing a grave, and a new law was enacted to prohibit necrophilia.

I just gotta point out, doesn’t the sphincter usually relax at the point of death? Ditto the bladder muscles?

Well, we could discuss *sadistic *necrophiliac bestiality, but that would be beating a dead horse.

Thank you. For answering my frequent question: “Is it Okay around here to provide a smart-ass answer in the very first response to an OP?”

Maybe she’s just passed out, is that gross? Not the most chivalrous sounding thing, but people have kinks, this could be theirs.

Maybe she’s in a coma. Still gross? Maybe she’s locked in. Still gross?

Draw the line.

How warm does she have to be? What do we call it between heart beats?

If you have a problem with it, report it. Last I heard, smart ass remarks so early in GQ threads were looked down upon and discouraged.

No! I have no problem with it! I’ve held myself in abeyance many times, biding my time until a reasonable answer to the OP question has been provided before indulging in my own needs to be a smart-ass. I’m just happy to see I’m not the only one with this affliction.

Not always.

I was witness to a death where the person’s sphincters showed no sign of relaxing even several hours after death. I also heard of other instances (from someone who worked for awhile in a morgue) where bodily wastes were a long time departing the corpse.

You’d think death would be very straightforward in some ways, but there is still individual variation.

I’d have thought that without any feces ready for an immediate evacuation, relaxation of the sphincter wouldn’t have much of an effect?

With the combo of your username and the first part of your answer, I’d be surprised if you weren’t questioned yet by the local authorities! :eek:

Um… no, sometimes the sphincter just doesn’t relax. From the former morgue worker he reported that people who froze to death wouldn’t have their final bowel movement until some time after they thawed. Sometimes quite awhile after they thawed. And in the case of the death I witnessed, without going into too many details, there were definitely feces present but they did not exit the body at death. After the body was removed from the bed where it lay for several hours there were still no bodily wastes on the sheets.

Although it’s probably typical that bodily wastes leave the body clearly they do not in all cases.