I know what happens to the missing socks

We’ve all wondered why it is that socks seem to go missing in the wash. Finally, I know the secret. I have just discovered my 3 month old kitten on top of the clothes airer making good his escape with one of my socks in his mouth. Now all I need to do is work out what the cats are doing with all those socks… It’s probably to help with all the drilling.

Awwwwwwwwww! What a cute kitty!

You’re rather pretty yourself, if I may so. If that’s you with the red hair. :slightly envious:

Cute kitty! I just hope she’s not heading down a disturbing path.

The cats are obviously following the gnome business model.

Step one: Steal socks
Step three: Profit!

My favorite theory abouty missing socks is that the socks are actually the larval form of clothes hangers. Even in a pair of socks, one matures faster than the other, living off dryer lint, or whatever.

Escape tunnel?
Bank heist?
Journey to China?

Girl From Mars, cats have also been known to steal underwear.

My cat eats holes in my socks if I leave them anywhere near where he can get them.

I’ve learned, but my boyfriend hasn’t. Almost every day he finds another sock that Loki has destroyed (and of course, the cat only eats holes in ONE sock of a pair. Never both).

Yeah, both kitty and girl are rather cute.

I concur.

Or bury their heads in a pair of dirty ones and cry loudly.

What? Just mine? Okay.


Put a tracking device on him and it will lead you to the Secret Stash…

What is a tagine?

That is an adorable kitty - especially with the “Oh crap I’m caught” expression.

I haven’t seen this yet, but I will watch out for it!

I told my boyfriend about Milo’s habit, and he says that explains why he’s been finding random socks on the kitchen floor. So it looks like he’s just a joyrider - steals them, hoons around the house for a bit and then drops before the cops catch him.

A tagine is a pottery container (with a flat lipped bottom and conical lid) which is used to cook Moroccan stews/curries (which are also called tagines). These are put in the oven and both bake and steam because of the high lid. It sounds like it should be beautiful and fragrant with spices, but sadly most of the tagines I had in Morocco tasted like dirty dishwater, with very little spice at all, hence my friend’s comment!

WHAT IS THE…excuse me.
Please, what is the reference to drilling?
Thank you.

Eddie Izzard has a comedy routine about why cats purr:
(from Unrepeatable)

" I don’t know, they lower our blood pressure. You stroke a dog, the dog goes, “oooooooo…” and cats go (drilling sound), because they’re drilling, aren’t they? That’s what they’re doing. They’re drilling, they drill for gold! They drill for oil, they drill for anything! Just for the love of drilling! When they’re behind your sofa, they’re just drilling. (mimes drilling) They’ve got goggles on, it’s okay! There’s a compressor over there… Your friends come and say,

“I think your cat’s drilling behind your sofa!”

“I don’t think so, that’s purring, that noise, isn’t it? Cat, are you drilling?”

And the cat hears this, whips off the goggles, (mimes coming from behind the sofa), “No, no… Drilling? No! No, I’m a cat! How would I know how to drill? That’s purring you’re thinking of, purring! Oh, yes, purring! Having a good ole purr back here… no drilling. No, no, okay… “ (mimes putting goggles back on and resuming drilling) Sometimes they drill 40, 50 feet, you know, just for the hell of it. "

Ah, ignorance fought yet again.

The cat seems to have been caught bang to rights, but there are other forces to consider.

From Unrepeatable.

The Ceremony of Laundry

And it’s quite a ceremony! Washing your clothes, you can take it down to the launderette; that’s one way. You’ve got a bag- three months’ worth easy of laundry, you pushed it into a bag, and you drag it down to the launderette, wearing clothes that should be in the bag, really, yeah? That’s what you wear to the launderette, that’s why you’ve gone to the launderette, because you’ve got nothing left! You’re wearing dressing gowns to work, it’s that bad! So you throw it in the wash, and you’ve got big machines down the launderette, huge machines with the big porthole windows, and you shove it all in; you never separate out the laundry, shove it all in! And you’ve got one choice – “bizarre wash”! That’s what you get. And you sacrifice a few socks and a pair of pants to the god of launderette, who sits in the back of the machine with a pair of chopsticks, going, (mimes eating with chopsticks) “Oh, lovely, yes… A sock, lovely! A bit of fabric softener… Yes, in it goes…”