I learned my lessons in the BBQ Pit and here I am again

Once upon a time I entered the straight dope forums. I was unable to express my thoughts in a way that was understandable by another human being. I was roasted, toasted and BBQed all over the place. Rightfully so.

But I was stubborn. I didn’t know people didn’t understand what I was trying to say so I studied and tried again. I read Republic by Plato and countless other philosophical texts that dealt with the responsibility of the speaker to make himself be understood vs the responsibility of the audience to understand.

Here I officially began my journey towards communicating effecitvely with other people. Since then I have studied grounding in communication, I have been a teacher, systems analyst, programmer and now a politician in denial. Now I have travelled full circle to come back to the place where it started. Unfortunately I think my first post is now lost to the archives somewhere, I at least can’t find it in the activity log of my old account.

So, here I am again. Rebj0rn. Perhaps this will be as interesting as last time. Perhaps not. Who knows how things have changed here in the past 20 years :slight_smile:

Looking forward to diving back into the pit.

Well, that was clear enough.

Just FYI, the Admins really frown on people having more than one account here. If your old account is still active you may want to let a mod know, so they can deactivate it for you.

Is there something here to pit? I guess if I wanted to insult you for coming back would be a start.

Missed the edit window.

Yeah, check in with a mod. Throw yourself at the mercy of the court. Otherwise you’ll get banned.
By the way, I didn’t read all of your OP. I mean, I didn’t read much.

Assuming you are bj0rn, it does appear you are much more coherent when you were here last in 2003.

As said, we do not permit multiple user accounts. Please check with @engineer_comp_geek to coordinate how to handle this.

I’m not sure what this is doing in the Pit. Although bj0rn used to post in the Pit, there is nothing in the OP that belongs here. I’m going to close this while things get sorted out.