I learned that salmon is dyed--disgusting--plus other fake food travesties that horrify you

From this cracked.com article:

My consolation is that I’ve never been a big salmon fan. For example, I’ve never, in my recollection, ordered it as an entre in a restaurant. I don’t hate it, but for me it’s a lot like chicken (which I almost never order as an entre, unless it’s a fried chicken joint).

Anyone else find this absolutely effed-up fake and abominable?

Also, are there any other fake food thingies that horrify you?

I have one more. We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast the other day because there were few other options. I was horrified that they offered “whipped margarine” for the hotcakes–I thought trans fat was out these days. In any case, there are better non-butter spreads out there that presumably won’t break poor McDonald’s bank. Also, the syrup for the hotcakes was the fakest shyte I’ve ever tasted. Not even a good imitation of “maple.” I’m not a stickler for 100% pure maple syrup (I rarely order pancakes, etc., anyway), but this was sub-sub-Mrs. Butterworth’s level. Like not even trying.

I welcome your thoughts and stories!

Ah, but I believe if you check the package, that substance isn’t even claiming to be syrup. Granted it’s been a very long time since I’ve had a fast food breakfast, but don’t they call it “breakfast dip” or “hotcake juice” or something like that?

Eh. Does it taste okay? Is it safe to eat? Then who cares really?

Farmed salmon is no worse that farmed chicken or pork.

I take it the OP has never eaten candy?

I’m pissed off that my cantaloupe isn’t really cantaloupe, my wasabi isn’t really wasabi and my cinnamon isn’t really cinnamon.


I’m also livid that Sugar Free Cool Whip has more carbohydrates than Regular Cool Whip, but can call itself Sugar Free because the source of those carbs, Corn Syrup, adds a “trivial” amount of sugar. Really? Corn Syrup? That stuff that’s basically pure fucking glucose doesn’t count as sugar? Who the hell came up with that?

Between the “whipped spread” and the “breakfast syrup”, I’m now reluctant to go out for restaurant breakfasts without my own supplies. I wish they would consider offering real maple syrup, even if they charge a premium for it, because that fake stuff is nasty.

And you can always eat wild salmon if farmed salmon bothers you.

Kenyucky Fried Chicken offers “Honey Sauce” for your biscuit instead of offering Honey. Yep flavored, High fructose corn syrup - artificial honey. Why?!?

Once upon a time in the not too distant past, Cracker Barrel served 100% maple syrup. Now they serve 100% *natural *syrup, which is (I believe) 60% maple, 40% corn syrup.

I’ve been surprised how many containers of “ice cream” are actually labeled “frozen dairy dessert” - bad enough you can’t buy a half gallon of the stuff any more, but you may not be buying what you think you’re buying.

And don’t get me started on those pathetic pale things in the grocery store that they dare to call tomatoes…

Cheddar cheese is not naturally orange, but a slight off-white. The natural colored version is available in specialty shops. Probably my imagination, but it tastes better un-dyed.

I grew up with margarine and non-maple syrup, so I like those things just fine.

I was disappointed when I learned about the fake wasabi, though.

You can get white cheddar in grocery stores, too. It’s not that uncommon these days.

Not pleased with what I’ve been reading about adulterated olive oil and honey, though. If I wanted cheap cooking oil and corn syrup, I’d buy those. Besides the flavor, faked olive oil messes up the smoke point of the oil.

There is plenty of non-dyed salmon out there, although you may pay a premium. I just grilled some Alaskan Copper River salmon, which was tasty, but cost 3x what farmed salmon goes for.

There was a guy selling ribs from a little roadside grill. I bought two racks packed for take out and headed home. My gf was happy to see me until she saw there were no bones. Each rack was a perfect rectangle of meat. I guess they were actually ribz. Won’t be stopping there again.:frowning:

That deep red color you see in beef is a result of the meat being gas soaked in carbon monoxide.

Oranges are dyed orange (the rind).

Most green vegetables are also dyed green.

These don’t horrify me, rather they add to my innate cynicism.

Most butcher sections in the supermarket have pinkish lights overhead, and I’ve seen some produce departments with blueish/greenish lighting. At least one large market not far away has a subtle birdsong soundtrack with waterfall playing in the produce section. Deceptive or pleasant? You decide.

I feel sorry for Americans if this is some kind of news :stuck_out_tongue:

Here rules are pretty strict on labelling foods. I’ve become pretty good at noticing the small print that says it’s not “x” but “x-flavoured y”. And I normally check the ingredients if there’s doubt. I’d guess the rules are more relaxed in the US.


I think you really have to specify the sources of these claims and who the perpetrators are as what happens to your meat and fruit will vary wildly depending on where you buy it. Just blanket statements like the above aren’t helpful.

Same reason all these companies are doing these things…to save money.

If you read the article (and the ones it links to,) you’ll find out honey is one of the worst offenders.

Basically, most national and store brands can’t be confirmed as even being honey…most likely flavored corn syrup from China with maybe a small amount of real honey in there.

Yeah, but it’s pretty likely that you’ve never had 100% real olive oil. That Cracked article only touches on a major problem in the olive oil industry. So it’s not like that extra virgin olive oil you had a couple years ago is now suddenly fake and screwing up things, it was fake all along. Odds are, any major brand is probably fake or adulterated in some way.

This is why I buy only wild-caught salmon, pasture-raised meats, and get my vegetables from the farmer’s market in season, and organic out of season.

I also spend a small fortune on food, but it’s worth it.