I left my unlocked iPhone in a McDonald's restroom

Not because it seemed like a good idea at the time, but [tmi]I was on the dope while on the can[/tmi] and I put the iPhone on the toilet paper dispenser when I was, ah, getting ready to leave.

So, off I go to my next classes, and as I get off the scooter, I did the routine check of my pockets and turned white. I ran inside and told them I’d be 5 minutes late while I rushed back.

Fortunately, the Mac wasn’t that crowded, and either no one used the stall or they were a hell of a lot nicer than what could reasonably be expected.

And of course, my email account would have been theirs, as would have been my facebook account. Fortunately most Taiwanese wouldn’t have known about the Dope, so at least that would have been OK, but it could have been really, really bad.

No backup of my contacts, of course. Or the recent photos of the kids.

It’s one of those things that would have given me nightmares for weeks.

So, now my locked iPhone is here and I’ll keep it that way.

Bullet dodged. Whew.

I once got busy in a Burger King Bathroom.

(also you should be able to lock the phone remotely, so at the very least it’s useless to someone else).

That’s pretty amazing considering you look funny. :smiley:

So…what did we learn about backing up your data?

For the life of me I will never understand people who have to talk/text/surf while in a bathroom, let alone a public bathroom.

Did you delete all the Taiwanese dick pics that somehow appeared in your gallery? :smiley:

I was reading this and realized that I have no password on my new phone. Went to set one up and there is fingerprint recognition “password”!! I’m all high-tech now.

Isn’t there an option to auto lock after a certain period of inactivity?

Really? To me, talking on the phone is weird in a bathroom; but I’m all about texting, game playing, or whatever while I’m sitting on the pot. What’s wrong with it? It’s the new age version of bringing in a newspaper. :slight_smile:

but… Then you hold it up to your face :smiley:

One can, at least with an Android phone. Load the Android Lost appand you can control all features of your phone from any internet connected device - lock it, wipe it (which seems fitting in the whole ‘restroom’ context), take a picture (maybe not so appropriate in the whole restroom context), etc. - often even if the phone is turned off.

In related news, the FBI finally unlocked that San Bernardino iPhone that Farook left in his bathroom (without any help from Apple, it turns out) – and promptly spilled a glass of water on it, totally and irreversibly ruining it. :smack:

Unlocked iPhone Worthless After F.B.I. Spills Glass of Water on It.

Yes, it’s satire. It’s the Andy Borowitz Report.

(But do they know about sheep in Taiwan?)

You seem to have some strong feelings about toilets, peed in.

With Facebook and with most email (I think) if you change your password it will ask if you want to log off all currently logged in devices.

I have so far, when hearing the guy in the next stall on an obvious business phone call and saying something like “oh, not much happening”, resisted the temptation to shout “He’s taking a dump!”


ahhhh, did you back up everything?

Happy to hear. Gotta share, and with all due respect: the title of your post sounds like a good one for a New Age kind of horror film (no blood and guts, I hope): I Left My Unlocked iPhone In a McDonald’s Restroom just as a title opens up a treasure chest of possible movies…:slight_smile: