I like him...he's silly!

We’ve done “I’m only 3 1⁄2 years old”. Where did “I like him…he’s silly!” come from? I Googled a bit to no avail.

First thing to pop up when I googled it was a Bugs Bunny cartoon, because of course.

Bugs Bunny for me too.

Here’s the first thing that popped up on Youtube. It was some little gremlin saying it about Bugs Bunny.


Also in “Nasty Quacks” at 6:27.http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x33mrx3

I did a quick search, but all I can find is that it was apparently Bob Clampett who first stole the radio catch phrase and put it in a cartoon (something he apparently liked to do). Other Warner Brothers animators used it later on, though. Nothing I found reveals the original source.

As noted, though, quite a few of the WB cartoons catchphrases were stolen from the radio – “Ohh, I wouldn’t say THAT now”, “Coming , Mother!” “_______, isn’t it!” (that one’s from Jerry Colonna), or any of these:


That’s pretty good. Thanks!