I like it BECAUSE it's prosaic!

Prompted by this post:

I agree with Quintas regarding the guitar in the thread. The Les Paul is iconic. It’s one of the most popular guitars ever made. ‘Everybody has one.’

I think about airplanes. A lot. You know that if I ever win the lottery, I’ll have at least a few. But I love the Cessna 172 Skyhawk. More 172s have been produced than any other aircraft. They’re so common, nobody notices them. But its that commonness that I appreciate.

I have a Ruger Mk. II pistol. Did I get the bull barrel? The long barrel? The adjustable sights? The Government Model? No. I got the four-inch, regular weight barrel and fixed sights. (OK, I did put faux ivory grips on it.) It’s the base model.

One of my favourite cameras is the Olympus OM-1. I also have a Nikon FM2 and a Pentax K-1000. Remember the K-1000? Fifty bucks at Kmart, back in the day.

There’s just something about the most common variants of things that I find attractive. Maybe it’s because they seem more ‘robust’. Maybe it’s because of the satisfaction that arises from not relying on ‘advancements’. But mainly, I think the attraction is because the most common, the most unadorned, the most prosaic variants are meant to be used; and I like to be able to use things.

Fluoxetine is an effective SSRI, so I can see why you like it.

Ok, I re-read the OP three times, but then I finally got it.


Prosaic vs passe
Avante Garde vs Vanguard (van guard ? )

… the grass is always greener

I think the word you’re looking for is classic.

You win the internets!

I think I get where you’re coming from. There can be joy in the commonplace things, the humble, simple, ordinary things.

This is partly why I think people could be wrong when they say everyone would eventually get bored if they were immortal.

I know what Johnny is talking about with the cameras. For a while, I was shooting with a Contax RTS system. As an emergency back up, I got the Yashica FX-2. (Imagine a Spotmatic with a Contax mount.)

In situations where I didn’t want to “mess up” my pricy, super cool camera, I used the Yashica, often with my trusty Sigma zoom. Gave me some good pics. And the day I fell off the icy roof trying to get that one pic? The hockey puck camera/lens combo survived. Gave me a good pic, too.