I live in the U.S. I don't want food from China!

So I go to the store to get some canned oranges. The cheap brand is imported from China. Look at the name brand also from China. Canned Pineapple comes from Thailand or Indonesia. I can’t find a country of origin on the mixed fruit. I imagine that it is cheaper to can fruit overseas but I don’t trust Chinese food and I want my fruit to come from the same hemisphere I live in.

Mandarin oranges.

Think about it for a minute.

Your option is to read up on seasonality and food-miles. You’re going to end up shopping at Farmer’s Markets and growing your own garden and fruit trees. You’re also going to have to give up things like bananas and citrus. Have fun.

You will be pleased to know, then, that both the United States and the People’s Republic of China are in the northern hemisphere.

I know I’m pointing out the obvious, but why are you buying canned fruit if you’re so concerned about buying American?

As long as you buy fresh and in season, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding local American-grown produce for cheap.

OTOH, if you insist on buying the cheap brand of canned fruits for bargain prices (esp if you’re looking at exotic fruits like mandarins and pineapple), then accept that what you’ll get will probably have been produced overseas. It’s the only place they’re going to find the right combination of cheap labour and farmlands in a climate that supports year-round growing conditions.

Don’t forget about coffee and tea.

I hear most of the tea in the supermarkets nowadays comes from China too. :eek:

It’s time to look in a different store. There is still canned pineapple from other parts of the world.

Don’t know about canned stuff, but I wouldn’t buy any kind of processed food originating from mainland China these days.

ETA: and I do seem to recall that some of the Southeast Asian countries have some issues with excessive pesticide use, though IIRC it’s more of a problem with locally-consumed vegetables.

I thought I heard on the news that oranges and the like are about to get a lot more expensive because of the crappy weather you guys have been having recently?

A Chinese couple has a table at the Farmers Market in my town. Should I boycott them?

Errr… was that directed at me?

Because if so, I feel the need to point out that the Greater Toronto Area isn’t particularly well-known for its citrus groves, even with the milder-than-average winter we’ve had so far. I do have a lovely raspberry patch and a couple of peach trees in the backyard, though.

Frankly, I agree-China has demonstrated poor quality control in foods-and I don’t feel like being a victim. I notice that Trader Joes still carries Chinese scallops-I won’t buy them.

Yes you should and save them from the experience.

I wouldn’t drink that stuff, not for all the tea in… er… hang on.


The US, on the other hand, is doing just fine.

Yeah, well, if I’m going to die from badly handled food, it’s going to be American food! Picked by Americans!

No, wait…

There is an illusion that food in the US is closely inspected and much safer that food that is imported. This has resulted in COOL labeling, stands for Country Of Origin Labeling. This is so you can make more informed choices.

Let me tell you about my experience with FDA and USDA inspections.

Phone rings: Hello, I’m Inspector X and I will be in your area next Tuesday for your annual inspection.

Me: I will be off that day, can we do it Wednesday?

Inspector X: Sure, I will see you Wednesday.

Me: Calls plant manager to make sure that he and everyone in plant operations is aware that we will be inspected on Wednesday.

Wednesday: We pass with flying colors.

Big surprise, hey?

The FDA and USDA inspectors are not looking for problems, they react to problems that are found or discovered, but active, preventative, investigation is not their forte.

I don’t recall any cases of members of the US government inspectors conspiring with manufacturers to cover up poisonous food.

You grow peaches in Toronto? We can’t get them locally here in Vermont. How well do they do?

Frozen tilapia available at Sam’s. From China. :eek:

I wouldn’t voluntarily eat it.