"I"ll have to kick your a$$ and make you never forget" (Song ID)

I’ve been hearing this song on the sound system at the gym. A woman is singing; apparently some guy walked her home and held her hand, kissed her and made her go “oh-oh”…but once they get to her place she tells him to leave. In fact, she threatens to “kick his ass and make him never forget”.

What is that song and who is the singer?

And is it just me, or is there a man-bashing trend in female indie-pop/rock? I’m thinking also of that Lisa Loeb one where she says she doesn’t know, doesn’t care, if she’ll ever see him again? It’s a bit disconcerting, because these songs usually seem to be sung in a very sweet style in spite of the lyrics.

The singer is Avril Lavigne, and the song is Don’t Tell Me. It’s off her new CD, “Under My Skin.”

I’m ashamed to say I knew this without looking it up.

Nothing to be ashamed of. After all, I was forced to learn most of the lyrics.

But I couldn’t hear whether the guy leaves rather than get his a$$ so memorably kicked.

I’m not an advocate of beating people up, especially young women, but I might make an exception for Ms. Levigne vis. the antagonist in this song. I too have been afflicted by this terrible tune, and I’ve considered sabotaging the radio in the lab so I will never have to listen to it agian.

Check that, I WILL destroy the damn thing. Just waiting for everyone to leave…