I lost my kitty [donation request]

This is Púca. - YouTube

He has a big, bold personality. He is wickedly smart. He loves people. He loves affection. He will enthusiastically headbutt you and demand pets.

I have known him since he was a few hours old – a little black cat ran up to us as we were walking down the street, a friend took her home, and six weeks later, kittens! I was invited to visit that afternoon. I visited several times, watching the kitties grow, until I took Púca home. It took barely a week for him and my older cat Merlyn to become fast friends. Both Púca and I took it hard when Merlyn passed five years ago.

Púca was 14 years old, when he became sick.

He started getting picky about his food a few weeks ago. We tried to entice him with new brands and flavors, and then a couple weeks ago emailed his vet for advice.

Later that same night he became critically ill, and we’ve been to the vet four times since then. Last Wednesday we learned he was dying. He had nodules in both kidneys, and the most likely causes are all incurable. By Thursday afternoon he’d lost all interest in food, and that evening we let him go.

His sudden critical illness coincided with my last week of my recent contract job. I lost a day of work taking him to the ER. I wouldn’t change that, but being a contractor means no PTO. After some technical difficulty I was able to apply for unemployment last week Tuesday; my expected benefit is $174 per week.

I lost my last FT Corporate America job in 2008 in the early stages of the Great Recession. I’ve been underemployed since then. While I am always working, looking for work, or trying to create alternate income streams for myself – usually all three at once – I still haven’t regained economic stability. Seven years ago I figured I’d have enough time to get back on my feet before I had to worry about senior cat vet bills, but the reality didn’t work out that way. I’m on food stamps. I’ve used almost all of my savings by covering rent and utilities in those months when my income just wasn’t enough.

I am so tired.

I don’t think I can even begin to explain how devastating it is to lose him. Things have often sucked over the years but he was always there for me. He was so effusive and unabashed with his love. It’s not easy for me to ask for help. But if you’re willing to give a couple bucks or even just to share this, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you.

(posted with permission)

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Mod hat off I’m really sorry about your financial troubles and the loss of your cat. I can’t imagine how hard this must be. :frowning:

Donated! Unfortunately, it wasn’t much because I’m underemployed myself. I hope you get all the help you need.

Donated! Not much, but I’m a sucker for black cats.

Thank you.

Donation made. My own kitty “Londo” is 15 years old and is probably in the last week of his life. sniff…

I’m so sorry to hear about Londo. Love him hard.

I’m sorry for your loss. Dribble added.


Thank you.

I’ve been sitting here for half an hour trying to find words to express what these kindnesses mean to me right now and I’m just failing. So, thank you.

I donated too. Hope it helps.

Thank you.

So sorry for your loss. What a sweet kitty. Donated.

kaio I noticed on the final breakdown of expenses the euthanasia seemed very pricey. Is it possible that the vet might work with you on that cost, given your circumstances? He must realize how much you did for that sweet cat even when you didn’t have much yourself.

Infovore-- thank you.

Ivory-- The at-home service is a different organization than his regular vet – his regular vet hospital doesn’t do it at-home. I compared prices, the euthanasia was basically the same as what I paid for Merlyn when I brought him into the regular vet five years ago.

Half of that final cost is disposition, which is also comparable to other pet funeral homes here. I rent so I couldn’t bury him myself.

Bump for a new day.

Gave a little for your friend.

Sent a few $.

I’m so sorry about your kitty and that, on top of losing him, you’re having a tough life. Take good care of yourself, Jenn

Wow, guys. Just got back to my computer and there’s a whole bunch of new donations. Thank you.

I’m crying again now. Your kindness really means a lot.

This is how I remember him.

Going to go donate but right now there’s something in my eye…and I need to go pet my cats. Thanks for taking such good care of him all those years, Kaio.

My heart goes out to you. I had to put my sweet, 20 year old tortoise-calico down two weeks ago. She’d been declining for months and things were just shutting down. It’s heartbreaking to have to do. I miss her presence so much. My thought are with you.