I love Chuck!

Anyone else? Cheesy lines a la Whedon, plus bonus Adam Baldwin as John Casey. And the show is kinda sexy, no?

I’m enjoying it, not exactly loving it, although the fact that it shares the same universe as Lost and Alias is pretty damn awesome.

I like it, if only for Yvonne Strzechowski in her Wienerlicious uniform.

Needs more Adam Baldwin.

I watched the first ep, didn’t like it, gave the second a try, got 15 minutes into it, and I’m done. If they’re trying to market this top actual nerds, it might have helped if the technical details were a tiny bit more accurate than, say, Inspector Gadget.

And since when do NSA and CIA agents casually kill each other?

It’s good, but not great. I see it having a terribly limited lifespan, too. In a relatively short amount of time, Chuck will be experienced enough in espionage that it’ll be impossible to maintain the sense that he’s in way over his head, which is what gives the show its charm, not to mention that the stuff in his head will become hopelessly out of date.

I’m PVRing it so I have something to watch on NFL Monday’s.

Did anyone notice the “Oceanic Flight 815 went down…” comment on October 1st episode? Was that a LOST reference?

ETA: Woo hoo!! Post 600 in what, 5 years? LOL

I enjoy the show. I especially enjoy looking at Yvonne Strzechowski and Chuck’s hot sister (can’t think of her name right now). I find it reasonably amusing.

I suppose it will wear a bit thin after Chuck has had enough spy adventures to no longer be a novice, as a previous poster has mentioned. I doubt that it will last that long.

How has “Chuck” performed ratings-wise?

Sarah Lancaster. The show is fun and funny, but the visual appeal is a big plus.

Chuck requires you to turn off your brain and just enjoy the pretty sights. As long they can contrive to have Yvonne Strahovski kick ass in her Wienerlicious uniform in every episode, I’ll keep watching.

They made a shout out to ‘Shawshank Redemption’ in the latest episode too. When Chuck’s friend was locked in the computer cage, they were playing the same Italian opera song that Andy played over the loud speakers in Shawshank.

I absolutely love it - I thought last night’s episode was the strongest so far. Hilarious references to Bob Ross and the Dark Crystal. I actually rewound twice to watch Adam Baldwin’s character nail a guy with a microwave (the tiny “ding” 2 seconds after it landed was even more hilarious). I like the guy that plays Chuck, I like the dynamics with his sister, I think Captain Awesome is AWESOME! I love the nerd herd, the guy that plays Tang (he’s also great on Dexter), and Big Mike. I think every show needs Adam Baldwin, his ducking a punch to headbutt his opponent in a fight last night was great.

I am sure I freaked out my neighbors with my loud laughing at several points in the episode (Adam Baldwin’s little noise as he trimmed the Bonsai tree, the Shawshank Redemption aria while Morgan was locked in the cage), the amazing new opening credits.

I adore this show, so it’s probably doomed :frowning:

Like Wayne Newton, Adam Baldwin needs to wash out the shoe polish on his hair.

Interesting, this episode was good. The Pilot was excellent and the second episode was very weak. I will continue to watch with hopes.

This was a fun episode, more back story on Chuck and I loved the little running joke with his cocky criminal classmate.

Oh and the fight between the Blondie in the skirt and hottie in the hot shorts was of course not the least bit painful.


BTW: Here is the last thread on Chuck.

It’s popcorn tv and still a bit uneven.
I fear for it though, seeing that NBC is doing a re-run of epthree this weekend, no doubt hoping to find an audience who will tune in on Monday.

I was thinking of starting a thread about Baldwin and saying that he’s my favorite heavy. He’s got such an understated way of acting when he delivers violence and a dry sense of humor that shines through whatever part he plays.

I liked the first episode, second episode was meh, third was ok. I like that the third episode actually had more involving Chuck’s “real life.”

I missed the third episode. Do they show it a second time during the week? Is it too late for me to catch it?

You can catch watch it at NBC :slight_smile:

I just finished catching up on the third episode… I’m a big fan. There’s generally been at least one part that I was glad I could skip through a bit on fast forward, but there also have been at least a few lines in each episode that have made me absolutely die laughing. Which is a BIG plus for me in a TV show, and not something that more than half a dozen shows can even think to achieve. Throw in Adam Baldwin, and yeah, this would be a winner for me even without the rampant sexiness that abounds.

The sister is pretty, but for the love of cheese, cut those bangs! Hair in the eyes, even when it’s not mine, drives me batty.