I love my auto insurance company

Of corse it helps that the other driver lied to her own company.

Long story short, she cuts in front of me, I try to avoid her but her tow hitch catches my bumper. No damage to her car. I report it to my insurance who basically tell me that since I hit her car it’ll probably be my fault but go ahead with the inspection etc and they’ll cover all but the deductible.

Her insurance calls me and I give them the story. I’m kind of surprised that she made a claim but after recording my story they say that she’s having back pain and oh by the way, she states that she was in my lane for several minutes when I rear-ended her car. This pisses me off because no way was she seriously hurt and because she’s flat-out lying but at least I know that the evidence backs up my story.

Anyway, this morning I get a call from my insurance company just to inform me that they’ve looked at the pictures and read the statements and I’m clearly telling the truth and she’s not since the damage is on the far left side of my car so a check is in the mail for my deductible. I ask (stupidly, since I’m not really a morning person) if her insurance has agreed to pay and they tell me that since I’m clearly the one telling the truth and she’s clearly lying, they’ll pay the entire claim and sort it out with her company later.

The only bad part is that my insurance rate may go up but since I only pay about $50 a month for my POS car, it still probably won’t be a lot. Meanwhile, I get to drive around in a brand new rental car while mine is in the shop all courtesy of my awesome insurance company (so glad I splurged for the rental car coverage).

:slight_smile: Yay you!

One thing you learn when you do this every day: in claims, you rarely know the truth of what happened. All you know are the stories the evidence tells, and which version is the more believable. When I have to give the bad news version of your story, the spiel is along the lines of, “I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I’m saying if we put the evidence in front of a jury they won’t read the same story you’re telling me.”

I say, “I’m sorry, but unfortunately it isn’t what you know but it’s what you can prove,” especially with parking lot accidents.

I wonder if dashboard cams are someday going to be as common in the USA as they are in Russia.

They’ll drive the plaintiff bar insane. As soon as they become popular (couple more years–they’re available but still mysterious) there will be strong efforts to make the videos inadmissible. It’ll be a fun show for some of us geeks to watch.