"I Love My Macintosh Almost As Much As My Perfect Pancake"

I’m going to ignore that comment and sit here playing with my Speak and Spell until you apologise for your crudeness.

whats the crudest word you can get your speak and spell to, eh, speak and spell?


TwistofFate = Quality.

That was painfully funny.

I have no doubt that the Macs are generally easier to use and even perhaps more reliable that Wintels, but that one ad where the guy is talking about how his Wintel kept crashing when his daughter was tryng to print irritates me. No because a printing attempt lead to crashing, that’s plausible, but then he goes off about yanking cards and rewiring and soldering the motherboard or some such nonsense. C’mon. This guy’s an idiot, and probably shouldn’t be anything with a microprocessor.

I agree with Fear Itself that the ads are just bad. I’m not talking about the product, just the ad.

The ads do not make me want to buy an Mac. They don’t. The ‘problems’ of the PC that they highlight are never a problem for me. The people seem like idiots and the ads seem to say ‘Mac are for people too stupid for a PC. Are you stupid? They get a Mac.’ That seems to be the pitch they are making. ‘The PC ate my homework and I got a bad grade because of it.’ No sweetheart, you are dumbass who waited to the last second to do your homework.

The ads remind me of this article from the onion.

Make that “be near anything”

Holy shit! A whole eight-hundred megahertz? I am abjectly horrified at this prospect and my fingers tremble as I type these words as I brood upon the possible uses for such unbridled speed and power. Such a microprocessor could surely rip through the most complex top secret government codes in the blink of eye! Please assure me by stating that Apple only plans to sell these devices to the forces of good, because if one fell into the wrong hands, who knows what anguish the future may see.

I think Macs are fine computers, high quality, and very stable. However, I use Windows-based PCs at work, and I play games that only come out for those systems. I have owned total piece of shit PCs, and I have owned PCs that are a delight to behold and a joy to own (including my current one). With a good PC, I have yet to have difficulty in installing any hardware, even digital cameras.

I don’t like most of the “Switch” ads, though. Barring a few (mostly the ones from guys who say “I deal with maintaining Windows networks at work all day, and my Mac is a relief to get back to at home”), the ads all seem to be people who bought crappy computers and are now complaining about them being crappy. Especially the ‘I lost my term paper’ chick; what the hell were they thinking about, making her be the image of a Mac user? If I were Mac I’d pay her to deny she used their product, unless they’re trying to aim for a “so simple, even this idiot can use it” message.

The problem seems to be that most of the ads (that I’ve seen at least) center around “my PC screwed up somehow and it made me mad, so now I have this Mac”. I personally found the “I know PCs but I use a Mac at home for these reasons” or the “look what I can do simply and efficiently on my Mac” (the teacher using it in her class, the guy who created his own coffeetable photography book) ads much more appealing, not whiny.

Testimony from a Loyal Mac User:smiley:
(10meg MOV file.)

Oh, you are going DOWN!! Bacon is at its best when burnt in to crispy delicious submission.

So there!

As for the OP, I imagine Mac might actually be quite good, but I’ve always gone PC and WinXP is an OS that I actually really like.

Complacency: my anti-mac.


I’m a PC user, and have no plans to “switch,” but I must say that Ellen Feiss rocks my world. :slight_smile:

I think it’s the “beep beep beep” that does it.

One of my favorite rants from the web:

Heh! Dozens of games LOL!


I love my new Mac. I hate those stupid switch commercials.

“I barely have enough brainpower to operate a mouse! Waaaah! My PC was too hard to use! Waaaah!”

I was at a scientific conference a couple of months ago, and was shocked to see that the majority of people who had laptops–and remember, folks, we’re talking about literal rocket scientists here–were carrying iBooks and Powerbooks.

Why aren’t these people on the commercials? “Why did I switch? Well, OSX is a robust, flexible, Unix-based OS that can fulfill my data reduction needs, and the hardware is first-class. Also, it’s really cute how the icons bounce up and down in the dock while they’re launching.”

Bacon is best when burnt to a crisp?
you poor misguided fool. Run, do not walk, RUN, to the nearest airport and get thyself to either Ireland, the UK, or Denmark.

We know bacon over here. It is tender. It is juicy. It is succulent. To taste it, to savour its ambrosiac flavour as it tantalizes your tastebuds is to know the feeling of Sunshine on an Elysian Field.

mmmmmmm Bacon.

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insert banjo playing kid from Deliverence…

Hi, my name’s Billy Bob and my daddy married his sister… so I bought a Mac.

Macs… great machines… dumbass commercials.

Kal, you’re slaying me!

I loved my Speak and Spell. One of the best toys I ever owned.

:: nostalgic sigh ::

I just regret that this ad campaign has caused my level of admiration for Yo-Yo Ma to plummet.

I’m a tester.
So do I.

But I hate those ads. They do not convince me to switch. In fact, quite the opposite - I don’t want to be associated with the poeple on the ads. I want to distinguish myself from them as much as humanly possible. They seem stupid. “It was ugly, and beige, I choose my computer based on the color of the plastic casing.” “I couldn’t remember what folder I saved my work in. Too confusing for me.” “I administrate PCs, but don’t understand how to use them.” (Please tell me that man lost his job once his employer saw him) “I’m too dumb to save my homework.” I wouldn’t trust these people with a 1970s pocket calculator.

I’m not sure what Apple is going for, but instead of promoting themselves as the computer they are, they seem to be marketing themselves as “the computer for people too stupid to pour piss out of a boot.”