"I Love My Macintosh Almost As Much As My Perfect Pancake"

What is it with those retards on the recent Mac commercials? They act like those numbskulls in the “As Seen on TV” ads that can’t flip a pancake or turn an egg without making a sloppy mess.

"My PC was too hard, I couldn’t figure it out, but now that I have my Macintosh, I can slice, dice and make mounds of Julienne fries!!"

Just for the record, I just plugged a new Sony digital camera into a new Dell PC, and guess what? It automatically downloaded my pictures! What the hell were they doing fiddling with drivers, yanking out cards, and generally acting like brainless nincompoops? It says nothing about the differences between PC’s and Macs, but it speaks volumes about the apparent hysterical incompetance of the average Mac user.

3, 2, 1 …

Will the last person to leave Apple please turn out the lights?

d00d! linux 0//nz + r0kz0rz!

(sorry, I felt it best to just punch through to the probable outcome of this thread) :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were able to gaze into the beautiful, anti-aliased, aquesque screen of my Powerbook every day, feel the speed and power of its 800mhz chip, touch and caress its smooth, titanium curves and angles, just delight and joy to be in its very presence, then you would understand.

I’m a programmer. I hate all operating systems.

My gosh, they are just stupid ads. There are a lot of ads I despise, but I don’t get this worked up about them.

So, what’s the big deal? There are a lot of “switchers” out there. I am one of them. It wasn’t because I despised Windows, or because I couldn’t get anything done on it. It was because I prefer Macs for many things.

istara rhapsodises about his (her?) Powerbook, and I can rhapsodise about my G4 tower. Fabulous machine. Lovely external design. Lovely OS X, the OS that many Unix geeks are learning to love. A thing of beauty, inside and out, and yes, I get a lot of work done on it. And I have a lot less stress with it than I usually do with my PC.

And as for the digital camera thing? My experience was dramatically different from yours. The Windows instructions on the digital camera were complicated, convoluted and miserable beyond comprehension. The Mac instructions were mind-numbingly simple by comparison. I chose to use the digital camera on the Mac.

Bah. None of your pathetic toys can compare to my Speak and Spell.

it’s a her!

And yes - the stress-free thing is just fantastic. I work with two laptops side by side, my Powerbook and a Vaio running Win2000 (came with XP but the software I need isn’t stable enough on that) and the Vaio is crapola compared to the Powerbook. Just no comparison.

You know what? I’ve grown weary of having to defend my choice of platform. I’m not going to do it anymore.

Fear Itself, I’m not going to bother refuting your insults. I’m not even going to call you names.

I’m just going to post this request to my fellow Mac users:

Don’t post here. He’s trolling.

A platform war resolves nothing.

Fear Itself, AudreyK, try linux!

Can’t we all just get along?

OS X is the coolest (for my needs, anyway), but I’m not adverse to setting aside a partition on my G4 for Linux. Do any of you know about Linux for Mac? I mean, I know there is a nice version (“Yellow Dog”) but I’ve never tried it.

Debian PPC

I’m also not going to be recruited, Derleth. :wink:

Though admittedly I was once curious about/interested in Linux…

The bestest OS in the world, baybee!

I wanted a thread about pancakes.

Tansu: Y’now those pancake makers they advertise of the telly? I got Washte one for Christmas.

She loves pancakes, bless her. Still think it’s odd eating them with bacon and syrup, but there ya go. I prefer British style pancakes served with lemon juice and suger, but Washte’s not too keen.

I’ve recently got into American pancakes. Bacon, syrup, the works.

OT, I couldn’t give a wet slap what OS other people use.

I make good pancakes, but my fried eggs are the suckiest pile of suck to ever suck.

hold on. Is the bacon proper, tender, juicy bacon or the shrivelled dry bark that passes for bacon in the States?

Hell no. I got Washte trained right quick. She now knows that good bacon is tender and juicy.

Rather like my sweet, sweet, lovin’.

Not salty?