I love Phoenix in the summer?

I’ve just found out that I get to attend a conference in Phoenix, Arizona in the end of August. (But, it’s a DRY heat!!) I’m trying to convince my SO to meet me there afterwards, and we can take a long weekend to explore a bit. He isn’t so enamored of the idea of Phoenix in August.

So, other then Sodona, does anyone have suggestions for interesting, COOLER, places to visit, near Phoenix. Say within about 5hrs drive?

I currently live in Flagstaff, which is about 2 hours drive straight north of Phoenix. I’d highly recommend it if you have time. Lots of charm in the downtown area, lots of areas to take a day hike, etc.

I’m originally from Chicago so I am SO glad The Reader has this web site. 8^) I miss The Reader wwwwaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Flagstaff is indeed beautiful and cooler, as is the “Rim” country northeast of Phoenix. As you go north, elevation increases, and Flag is around 7,000 ft. You can climb 12,600-ft Humphries Peak if you are so inclined.

From Flag you can drive through the Painted Desert or on up to Lake Powell and take boat rides there. Also, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is wonderful, but if you don’t have time (it’s hard to get to), any and all parts of the South Rim are spectacular. Just don’t climb down, as it gets much hotter at the bottom.

Sedona is still beautiful and an astonishing place, but be warned, they have just recovered from a terrible wildfire NW of the town and many of the hiking trails are nothing but burned land now. Still worth seeing the red rocks. No matter how many pictures or films you’ve seen of them, it’ll knock your eye out when you behold them in person.

There’s always Vegas - it’s not cooler but it has Lake Mead near it and the casinos all have air conditioning.

I’m a true child of Nevada, though, in that you’ll never catch me in Vegas. :smiley:


Sunset Crater in the Flagstaff area is pretty interesting. There’s also indian ruins in Walnut Canyon.

That time of year should be the monsoon season. (I think Arizona gets the same monsoons going that New Mexico does.) Expect possible thunderstorms, especially ones that blow in really hard and are done in 20 minutes so bring appropriate gear.

Flagstaff is way cool!! You must go there.

They’ve got a lake out there, I wish I could remember the name but anyway, it’s got something like 500ft walls around it. pretty cool scenery.

Jerome, AZ is a little artists’ community built in what used to be a mining town on the side of a cliff. It’s not far from Sodona, IIRC. If you stay at the Grand Hotel, you can sit out on the balcony and watch the sunset over the valley. Lots of galleries around town to see, too.

Payson and the Molgollon Rim country is only 1.5 hours from Phoenix and and beautiful place to visit that time of year. Never gets much past 80-85 and is just breath taking. You can stop at the Tonto Natural Bridge which is quite cool.

Tortilla Flats is a fun touristy place to go out on highway 88 and the lakes around there offer some good hiking etc…etc…