I love the SDMB

I’m trying hard not to kiss ass here, but it’s hard. After visiting many other community available on the internet, I find myself appreciating the SDMB more and more. When I first joined, I didn’t think it was such a big deal. I thought it’d be like any other message board out there. But now that I’ve been here for almost a year, I really don’t want to post anywhere else. I occasionally visit other message boards (mostly of message boards of bands that I love) and those boards just make me want to rip my eyes out and wish I never discovered the joy of message boards.

I love the way the SDMB handles bannings. And it’s not just the admin when it comes to banning, but the people who wonder why so and so was banned. On another board I’ve been to recently, someone popular was banned for breaking the rules. Of course, with most message board bannings, there’s bound to be a “Why was so and so banned?” That situation was no different, but instead of saying things like “I don’t think it called for a banning because…” they would say something such as “Well, so what if he broke the rules? We liked him! Let him back!” Agh. I wanted to rip my hair out.

Why don’t people understand that freedom of speech doesn’t apply to a private message board?! WHY?!?! Once you click on the “I agree” after the oh so looooong terms and agreement, you’re agreeing to following their rules! Yeah, it’s THEIR rules, so either follow them or shut the fuck up because private message boards don’t have “freedom of speech!”

I am so proud of the people here who help the “newbies” out. If they post in the wrong forum, or just do something that needs pointing out, we don’t hesitate to give them a head’s up. Did you know that on some boards, there are actually people who say things like “Stupid newbie! DIE NOW!” That brings me to another point actually, I love that “no death threats onto other members” simply because death threats are jerkish and I hate jerks.

Just because a mod is trying to keep things in line, it doesn’t mean they’re being nazi control freaks! On the same note, mods who don’t do their job sucks! I know it’s hard work, but if you’re a prickish mod, no one is going to listen to you. Worse, they’re going to follow suit and then everyone is just going to run around being pricks. And although the precaution taken against being viewed as junior modding (I’m not a moderator…, Not trying to junior mod here…, etc) gets annoying sometimes, but I’m glad we’re clear on the fact that members aren’t moderators. Do you guys have any idea how many message boards where the moderators actually promote junior modding? It’s annoying to no end!

Thanks, SDMB, for not making my brain rot.

You’re welcome.

Ass kisser!

[sub]Also, I agree with everything you said.[/sub]

Hmmm…Offers you a tissue…You have something brown on your nose.


You guys would kiss ass too if you’ve been to the chaos that exists on other message boards. Th SDMB is my haven! I also don’t know why I keep going to those boards though, because I really shouldn’t…

I agree, considering the sorry state of affairs on the messageboard over at giants.com. No modding whatsoever, but they use a prohibited words list. So you get a lot of “F.uck that sh/t!”.

The lack of proper syntax (grammar, capitalization, punctuation, paragraph structure, and spelling) turns most posts into codebreaking exercises.

And the lack of modding, in effect, encourages trolling. It’s brutal. Those Sheagals fans can get annoying. (Not all of them; some are pretty decent.) But the cowgirls and deadskins fans are the lowest of the low.

The word list is the worst, though. Last year we had to write our own coach’s name as Jim F@ssel because the word “ass” is prohibited. He was our own fucking coach!

The SDMB is far from perfect, but it is the best one I’ve ever seen.

I agree that this is the best board on the net. It has the highest quality of posters and conversation I’ve found and it’s one of the most competently and fairly moderated.

I’m not sure why this is in the pit, but I agree with the OP. I sometimes think that the SDMB should be classified as a controlled substance.

I actually intended this to be more of a pitting of other message boards rather than an ass kissing fest… but I guess it can be both…?

ACK NO! :eek: How would I get my daily fix? :eek:

And do you really want the FDA running this place? :eek: :frowning: :confused: :eek:

make 7
up yours!

I like it; its informative here, and funny.

Also Diogenes and reeder are nice. :cool:

my favorite board, mindandmuscle.net only had one member permanently banned in about two years since it started operating, and there is close to 3000 registered members.

SDMB sucks in that respect, the rules on this board are stupid. i mean rules are rules, but they are stupid never the less.

If the FDA got involved, the label on bottle of SDMB would read:

**Ingredients: **

MPSIMS: 10% transfatty acids
IMHO: 10% carbohydrates
GD: 25% Protein
GQ: 25% Protein
Cafe Society: 10%Trans fatty acid
IMHO: 10% carbs
BBQ Pit: 10% Fiber

May contain the follow: knowledge, sarcasm, poo, burnt dog, pie, irony, oxymoronic statements, whooshes, yak, nothing, the rage of a 10000 burning suns, 1920’s style death ray, jackbooted mods, Christians, Athetists, Pagans, Wiccans, buddists, Hindi, Jewish, Monty Pyton References, TMI, boobies, SBD farts, Star Trek & LOTR threads, Killer Blimps, nazi ground hogs, plane crash stories, Dick Dastardly, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon to someone vaguely famous, Top Ten Movie Star Fantasy Sex Lists,chocolate, Religious Wars, Political Wars, Conspiracy Theories, The Evils of Sesame Street, bragging about how your cat controls your life,squids having beaks, whale farts, telling people about the peice of ribbon stuck out of your dog’s butt, vague movie references, arm-chair-quarterback diagnosis, heckling and the girl in pajama pants.

Contraindications: You may become more sarcastic after taking The Dope. Jadedness may occur however will be offset upon seeing you have received your first Nigerian Scam Email, which may send you into spasms of rapturous joy. This is normal for a doper. Spontaneous giggles from inside jokes that no one else will understand will happen at the most inopportune moments ( Funerals, Board Meetings, Sex, Rectal Exams.) It is also very common to spew beverages out of nasal passageways whilst taking The Dope. Some dopers may become aggitated upon reading the word " Whilst".

Warning Accidental overdose of The Dope will result in no social life, thickening waist line, nearsightedness, buying more books that you can ever possibly read in your life time and an adversion to sunshine. There is no known cure.

Dosage: Three to five times a day, or as needed.

So why are you here?


What rule do you object to, the one that got you slapped down for threatening the President? :rolleyes:

Im relatively new here, but if you’ve read even half the amount of posts that I have read, especially here in the Pit, you would definately understand why this place has had to ban more then one person every two years. Maybe your MB has just been lucky.

The more posts of yours I read, the more I see how much of an idiot you are.

But thanks, you amuse me. :smiley:

The SDMB is one of the best boards I’ve been on. The rest that I go to are ok, but they can’t measure up to the knowledge that one can glean from here. I don’t see complimenting this board as an “asskissing fest”, but hey, if everyone is up to it, what the hell?


In regards to rules, I’ve never felt squelched. I post what I want to post, though I do read a lot more than I post. I don’t troll, create sock puppets or try to cause mayhem and uproar, so maybe that’s why I’ve never had one problem. I imagine most Dopers are in the same boat.

This board replaced a Usenet group I used to read. Imagine all the partisan sniping and crap from The Pit and GD combined (though it was Europeans vs. Americans, it was the same crap), but without mods to keep it contained in threads. Threads in this group might start off as, say, “Hey, did anyone see that new movie?” and go to, “I hated it. Stupid Americans ruined it. I hate Americans.” And then it’d spiral and take over every thread. I knew it was time to leave when I was marking 97 out of every 100 new posts as read, then finding the last three were more pro-/anti-American sniping.

And they hated everything. Every movie sucked, every book sucked, every TV show sucked. It was an endless bitchfest when it wasn’t an endless political flamewar.

Not too long ago, one of the regulars emailed me to try and talk me back. Why would I want to go back? Here, I have all the mindless flamewaring and political crap AND I have funny, interesting threads with cool people who can actually disagree without namecalling.



cuz i haven’t been banned yet ? :smiley:

i go to mindandmuscle to learn. i come here to flame you retards.