I love this!

I am a big recent fan of the Ricky Gervais show, with Ricky, Steve Merchant and (perhaps most importantly) Karl Pilkington. (Gervais’ reaction to Karl’s stupidity is what makes the show).

Anyway, I just now discovered the Bears animation of what the guys are saying…


I love it! I hope there’s lots of it. I don’t know yet as I have JUST discovered it.

Well I’m off to watch/listen to more. MORE.
Grr… so there’s only about 5 of them.

There’s six – and they’re not 'alf bad. :slight_smile:

But if there was one for all of the podcasts I’d be rather happy. Often Ricky says “I wish the listneners could see the look on karl’s face” And that bear-karl kind of captures the frown that Karl must have when he’s confused or frustrated or both.

Many of the best of them on youtube are about 9 minutes long. They pass the time during the long early morning hours of a night shift.

Them and… ‘very funny animated gifs part…’, bloopers, alan partridge clips, extra’s bloopers (particulary my fave - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrXeketWmGA&mode=related&search=)

ROFL, that’s some funny stuff. I especially like the post-it note smile the bear puts on in the mittens one. If they were all animated like that, it’d be the next biggest thing. Too funny. Thanks for sharing.