"I Love You Phillip Morris" was tour de force. Why such a limited theatrical release?

Jim Carrey did an amazing job in this film. He just owned the part. It was an amazing flim. Over 70% positive on tomatoes.

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Why so limited? Great film, major star, don’t you put it in every theatre you can?

I agree the film was excellent. I’m sure the subject matter made the studio nervous, especially the explicitness of the gay relationship. At least one scene (the one showing Carrey enjoying gay sex) would have made it a tough sell in many areas of the country (though it was in some trailers).

But putting it in every theater in, say, Alabama would have not been a good marketing move (other than the scandal would have publicized it).

It was the subject matter from what I recall. It sat around for two years without a distributor after being shown at Sundance in 2009 and then got a very limited release. Hollywood seems to still have serious hang-ups about films that depict gay relationships in too much depth.

You mean this scene?

The second half of the movie dragged badly. I found myself no longer caring at all about the main characters. It has its good parts, but I don’t consider it a masterpiece.

I thought there was also some kind of legal troubles that caused it to sit on a shelf for a while.

Exactly. I can’t imagine studio executives were delighted with the scene.

Looking at the release history, it looked like the studio postponed release of the film (and some reports indicate there were some cuts required) until August 2010 – a time when studios usually dump movies they don’t have faith in. It did terribly in the US, but probably made a profit from foreign showings and DVD sales.

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