I loved Dragonfly. So shoot me. (spoilers)

I’m a hard-ass skeptic. I don’t believe that near death experiences prove anything except how interesting the brain gets on chemicals. And I generally don’t like too much sappiness in a movie.

But God help me, I loved Dragonfly. Loved every sentimental, saccharine, stupid minute of it. And no, I didn’t see the ending coming at all. Throughout the movie, I kept wondering how it was going to end. Either Emily isn’t dead, in which case the movie premise is gone, or Emily is dead, and then why must Joe travel to that godforsaken village? Emily’s pregnancy didn’t even occur to me.

So I suppose Dragonfly is the latest addition to my list of “Movies I love that everyone else hate”. So shoot me.

I liked it better than I thought I would. The ending was a shock.

It was better than I expected. Still sucked. I expected it to be really, really bad, but it was only really bad. :smiley:

No need to shoot you. You’re dead already.