I’m Having A Crappy Monday

The day started off well, actually. Got up earlier than usual and left for work on time. Then I got behind a van with a bumper sticker that said, “Marriage = (picture of stick man) + (picture of stick woman)”. Not bad enough, but when the light turned green, homophobe driver was too busy chatting on her cell phone to notice and I barely made it through the light as the second car. Cars were honking behind me.
Went to the corner and all sorts of new orange cones everywhere. Means they are doing construction on the road. Means it is now one lane instead of three. Traffic backed up to the yingyang. Of course, not one road worker or piece of road working equipment to be seen for miles, but they got those orange cones all over the place.
Then I got on the freeway and stuck behind a caravan of three semi trucks all doing 50 MPH and all three side by side. Took about 4 miles before I could sneak by one and get in front where there were, of course, no cars in front of those trucks as far as the eye could see.
Two minutes later, the “service engine soon” light in my car turned on. This happened a year ago, almost to the minute. Back then, I went to AutoZone and they checked it and could find nothing wrong and hinted these lights go on about once a year, or every 10,000 miles to get you to go in for service. I decided to ignore the dire warning message and 3 weeks later the light went out. Have had no problems with the car and now, a year later it is back.
So I get to work, wondering if I should get to AutoZone again, just in case, and the woman sitting next to me who normally mumbles all the time has now started to have full conversations with herself, quite loudly…”where did I put that, oh yes, and I need to call, but first I should take this over to, but maybe I should make a copy…”
Was about to lunge across the cubicle and strangle her when the phone rang and I had to go help someone having a problem with a disk in her computer. Didn’t take long to figure out. It was a DVD and her computer only has a CD player. I politely told her this and she said, “Well the disk fits, so why doesn’t it work anyway?”
This has not been a happy Monday so far. And it is only noon.

Can’t help you with the clueless bigots or the clueless computer types. However, I have a newish Corolla and the service light did, in fact, go on when it got near the time for its 5,000 mile service. I got the work done, so I can’t tell you whether it would have gone out again eventually or not.