I made a mistake this morning

Woke up, showered, then made the crucial error of thinking about what order to dry myself with the towel. Does it go: head, chest, arms, then feet-climb out of tub, back, or head, chest arms, back, then feet-climb out of tub. :smack:

Normally this is all done on autopilot, but thinking about it totally screwed up the momentum and I’ve been off all morning. Couldn’t get the laundry hamper thing right, almost spilled the cereal…

I need a do-over.

Have you ever been standing in the shower wondering if you already washed your hair? So you wiggle it between your fingers to see if it squeaks? But then you’re still not sure so you go ahead and lather up and then remember that you already did it?

Yeah, that was how I started today. So I’m with ya.

Couldn’t decide if I should try to match my socks to my shirt or my pants. Turns out I have a pair that does both. But it was way in the back and now I have to re-organize my sock drawer.

That reminds me…

There’s an old story about a centipede. Another bug asks the centipede how he controls all his legs while walking. He thinks about it too hard, and is unable to walk.

Happens to me at least once a week.

Just wait till you try thinking about which foot you use first to go down stairs.

My shower and drying routine are so standardized that I don’t even think about them anymore. I always wash and dry every body part in the exact same order. It may be OCD but at least I never miss a spot!

It’s descending order to avoid drippage, so back first. Plus why bother drying off in the shower if you’re going to leave part of yourself wet to drip on the floor?

I thought you were going to wonder whether to do chest, arms or back first.

Yeah, that’s my problem. It’s normally like that. I accidentally thought about it today and I’m all screwed up.

I’ve always started drying at my feet and intercepting the droplets as I move up, spending plenty of time drying my genitals.

Or get out of the shower and realize you forgot to rinse the conditioner out of your hair? You’re already all dried off and your head is wrapped in a towel and when you unwrap it, your hair is all slippery and slimy and still full of conditioner. You don’t want to get back in the shower and get wet all over again. Dang.

I have a shower head on the end of a hose, so I can just take it down, lean into the shower, and rinse my hair. But back before I had this, I’d lean over and try to just stick my head under the tub faucet. At times like this you want to make sure there are no dogs in the bathroom with you.

Have you ever suddenly become aware of your tongue?
…see?—now you are, and I dare you to try to ignore it!

Dammit! I just bit my tongue.

Every so often, I will watch my hands when I type. I’ve been touch typing for so long that looking at the keyboard puts me into hunt-and-peck mode. Now that I’m thinking about it, I’m looking at the keyboard and searching out the letters. Crap, this is going to last until I stop thinking about it, and I won’t stop thinking about it until I stop doing it.

Maybe its time to play with the kitties for a while.

This morning I took a melatonin instead of a magnesium, my wife moved the bottles around. It was kinda like being a little stoned and sleepy all day. I’ll never do that again!

One dries off in the shower because it is warmer that the bathroom, with all that nice steamy hot air.

Look! He used “One” as a pronoun! :eek:

I learned j66’s technique way back in college days, living in the co-op. They had a four-head shower room in the basement with a drying area with fork-lift pallets covering the bare cement floor, and a transom window with a powerful fan to blow the steam out that you couldn’t turn off. In the winter, it was icy cold in there!

That’s when I learned to dry myself, at least mostly, using the well-wrung-out wash cloth while still standing in the shower area. That got all the loose water off, and I didn’t freeze quite so solid quite so fast when I stepped out. I’ve done it that way ever since, to this day. It also helps the towel dry much better, as most of the loose water is already gone.

My recurring shower problem is washing my feetses: Typically, after washing one or maybe both, I immediately forget which one I just washed.

And the worst part is, if you guess wrong, you cannot correct it all the way down. It’s illogical. It seems like only that first step would be wrong, because then you’re stepping down with the correct foot and it should work out as if you’d started with that foot, yes? No. A thousand times, no. The entire set of stairs feels off and takes thinking, because I started on the wrong foot.

My brain is a scary place to visit.

If I ever win the megamillions lottery, one thing I’ll never ever have to do again is dry myself. I’ll still wash myself, but afterwards it’ll be, “all right Marjorie*, you may dry me now.”

*Marjorie is being used here as an example. For all I know, her name may be Mallory. Or Cynthia.

Nooo! You gotta go top-down because of gravity and because of long hair (if you have it. I do).