I made some amazing BBQ sauce and Chili tonight.... here are some suggestions..

1: take your time (with both) If you rush it, it turns out about half of what you expect. (I learned this about 4 chili cookings ago)

2: Chili: peppers are good but don’t use too much. if you do, add flour to calm the taste. always taste test when you think you’re done. When you taste test, put a little bit in a bowl and let it cool… Don’t try to taste your product on a spoon a second after you take it out of the pot. It will only burn your tongue and make your sense of taste dull. take the peppers you use and rub them back and forth in your hands so that the seeds (which have the good flavor and hotness) touch the insides of the skin of the pepper so that you use everything in it the way you should. since it will take awhile to cook, use sea salt instead of your typical NaCL (table salt).

3: BBQ sauce: Apples are amazing to use. Cut an apple in half and put it in your sauce. Substitute recipes that call for ketchup with tomato sauce and honey. always use liquid smoke. you don’t always need to flame out the alcohol if you are using bourbon or whiskey (as long as adults will be eating it) sometimes it adds a bit of extra recognizable taste for friends. Along with adding part of an apple, add celery stalks… as with the apple that you use, strain the sauce when done. Roast the garlic and half of the onions used in the oven prior to adding. (the same goes for the chili) If it’s too salty, add sugar or brown sugar. If it’s too sugary, do the opposite. Take your time when you strain your finished BBQ sauce. it will be thick so it will take time. Eat the celery when it’s done, it will taste amazing! Pay attention to the color of the sauce. it will eventually turn a brownish color. Use the color to gauge whether its done like you do taste.

Anyone have any other suggestions I can use for the next round?
(We should do a doper cookoff and send samples of our BBQ around and judge our BBQ sauces… something to think about…)

Thanks for the ideas.

This North Carolina style sauce is very good.

Put the ingredients into a pot and simmer long enough for them to become intimate:

1/2 cup mustard
1/2 cup honey
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup vinegar

It is particularly good with a Kosher mustard that includes some chaff. I forget the name. ;j

This should be cookin’ in Cafe Society.