I made the news!

Due to having a very peripheral involvement with the current troubles facing the Roman Catholic Church, and the Archdiosces of Boston specifically, I was on TV today (well, I guess yesterday now). It was bizarre. Basically, I turned the corner, and several news crews followed me with their cameras, as I was doing my job. Anyways, here’s the story, complete with the video of me: http://www.whdh.com/news/articles/6854/

See if you can guess who I am (hint: I’m badly in need of a shave).

That’s very interesting.

Have you seen this?:

I hope you don’t mind me asking … why softcore?

Soft core is available on Cinemax late at night, and is therefore free (if you have Cinemax already) and also doesn’t involve having to go out to a porn store, or feeling really dirty. In college, I often would watch the late night soft core porn while doing homework or studying or whatever. A friend of mine and I used to give them the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. These days, I don’t have cable, so I haven’t watched much recently.

Really, I included it in my interests just to try to maximize the variety of topics encompassed.

Television porn is compatible with reading and homework, I must admit. It’s an exercise in time management. Looking at the screen is only necessary 3 minutes out of every 12 and sound is optional. I used to enjoy the adventures of Professor Robeson and Justine in that way. Whether soft drugs lead to hard has not been proved one way or the other (as far as I know) but in my case Professor Robeson led to the ex-rental box at the video store.

There’s a book called “You Are Being Lied To” which I once made the subject of a thread in Cafe Society. The Disinfo site devotes a lot of space to it. It contains an article on the possibility that the Catholic priest/child molestation thing is a bit of a conspiracy - a modern day witch hunt. So many people are falsely accused of it nowadays. I just thought I’d mention that in case you found the link in my previous post unnecessary.

waterj, I rarely come on to other Dopers, but…Rrrrrarrrrrrr!

Dude, you’re a bike messenger?! I wanna be a bike messenger.

I don’t think that anyone here has ever come on to me. I don’t know what to say. I’ll have to get around to getting some pictures of me up on the web sometime, and letting the calls (or emails) flow in. In the meantime, I’m just blushing sheepishly.

And, yeah, I’m a bike messenger. Five friggin’ years of college put to waste. But the best goddam job in the world, from my perspective. Probably a hard gig to get if you’re not actually in a big city, though. Really, though, I just do it for the fans (yeah, one five second clip of me makes the news, and I start thinking I’m a star).

Today, two of the secretaries I see periodically, as well as another messenger passing on the street, mentioned having seen me on the news over the weekend. It was partly due to the clip having been played as part of Channel 25’s “upcoming stories” ads during the Red Sox game repeatedly on Saturday (something about the damn packages not having been complete enough).

I read some of your website once. I remember that your intended career path at that time didn’t have much to do with bicycles. What happened? If I remember correctly you were supposed to become a computer scientist and then go in the navy. What happened to the voyage to the bottom of the sea? I know I’m impertinent - don’t feel obliged to answer.