I managed to booger up my glasses...

No, I didn’t sneeze on them, nor does nasal mucus enter into this sad tale at all - I’m just trying to mind my language. There are innocents present, after all… in theory…

I’m just had my glasses since August - progressive tri-focals with an anti-glare coating. Within the last couple of months, I managed to scratch up the lenses so that driving at night was a pain. Still, they were more or less useable, and I figured I could put up with them till my next exam comes due in August.

Yesterday, I was working a bit in the yard yet again - pulling weeds, spreading mulch, that kind of stuff. As I was bent over, a drop of sweat fell from my forehead to the inside of my right lens. So I set my glasses aside and finished whatever it was I was doing. (My distance vision is OK - it’s reading and computer work that’s challenging if not impossible)

This morning, before leaving for the office, I decided I needed to wash my glasses. The sweat smear wouldn’t come out. I used dish detergent and a soft towel. No dice. The right lens has been ruined by my apparently lethal Lens-Etching Sweat[sup]TM[/sup].


Lucky for me, I bought a pair of cheap reading glasses that work for computer distance and reading distance. Unfortunately, I can’t use them for driving or walking or looking at anything further than 3 feet from my face. So I’m taking them on and off all the time. And I can’t remember what I did with the handy-dandy string I usta hang my specs from.

Bottom line - I gotta get new glasses 4 months sooner than I’d planned. Sure. Why not. Everything else on my body is shot. What’s one more expense? It’s only money.


That’s all. I’ll just pout quietly now.

I feel for you. That anti-glare coating is the worst! I was talked into it by the glasses sales person, never again.

Aaargh! That stinks. But since you’re getting new cheaters, why not have some fun? I think a pair of cat’s eye frames with rhinestones in the corners are just the ticket. :wink:

Point 1: I am sorely disappointed. I was looking forward to hearing a tale of a giant sneeze and greenies everywhere.

Point 2: Well, Lens Etching Sweat [sup]TM[/sup] is almost as good.

Point 3: That’s really weird about the coating. I LOVE my Super-duper anti-reflcetive-anti-scratch coating on my goggles. Didn’t it come with the typical 1-year warranty against such odd things as Lens Etching Sweat [sup]TM[/sup] and heat-crazing?

Point 4: You should bottle that stuff and sell it as a solvent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Leifsmama, same deal here - it seemed like a good idea at the time. Same with the tint I got talked into some years back. No more.

Zap, even if I had the nerve to wear rhinestone cat’s eyes, there weren’t any on the rack at WalMart. I suppose I could get my hot glue gun and some sequins and decorate the ones I have…

Arwen, it could be because of the place where I got them. I’m getting my replacements from the place that did hubby’s specs - he’s very happy. I don’t remember if he got the coating - I’ll hafta check. As for bottling my deadly sweat, I don’t intend to work hard enough often enough to make a profit. Manual labor ain’t all it’s cracked up to be!

I just botched up my good pair of glasses last weekend.

Horsing around.

I decided to roughhouse with my boyfriend, and hopped on top of him. At the same time he lifted his head, I lowered mine. Consequence: my glasses hit his cheekbone.

They were oddly bent (my glasses, not his cheekbone). He tried to restore them, but it’s just not quite right. When I put them on, the landscape is just slightly slanted.

So for now I’m wearing the back up pair, until I can get in to have someone professionally straighten out my frames.

Serves me right. At least we didn’t put an eye out.

scout, I’ve done similar stuff… not the rasslin’ with your boyfriend stuff, but getting my glasses in the way of people or other stuff. But it doesn’t matter that they’re bent outta shape since I can’t see thru 'em anyway. They’re beyond saving.

I did talk to my hubby about his specs - he got the anti-glare and an anti-scratch coating. His still look good. So I’ll go where he bought his for sure. Meanwhile, I make do with the cheapies.

In the past I’ve had quite a lot of trouble with anti-glare and scratch resistant coatings. The last pair of glasses I bought from lenscrafters were scratched up beyond belief inside a month and I was trying to be careful too. However I recently bought a new pair of glasses from my optometrist’s place with a new kind of anti-glare/scratch resistant coating called Crizal I think. This stuff really seems to work and you can clean the lens with just warm water and soap. I’m kind of hard on my glasses at work since I use microscopes so much but so far, no scratches.

I am as tough on glasses as anyone. I do a lot of wood working, welding, and rough housing with my grandkids. I went through all the agony of lens’ scratched or unusable after only a few months. A few years ago I went for the polycarbonate lens, the only kind available for childrens eyewear. It cost only $35 more but has been worth every penny. Other than a small nick in the right lens caused when my weedeater through a small stone, they are still very usable, I added some side shields and wear them as safety glasses at work. I won’t buy anything else now. BTW, isopropyl alcohol might remove the sweat stain, it is in the eyeglass cleaning pads supplied to the employees at my job.

I tried alcohol. Hubby even tried acetone (once I decided they were beyond fixing) but they’re trashed. These cheapies work very well for computering and cooking, but taking them on and off is a pain…

I appreciate the tips about Crizal and polycarbonate - I’ll be sure to ask when I go get new ones. Thanks!

I had a pair that got really botched up once.

My girlfriend had a flat tire on her car while she was at my apartment. She wanted to start replacing it with the spare, but I knew she had never done it before. So I told her she should call around for prices on a new tire, but she had already grabbed the tire iron and was trying to loosen the first lug nut. I tried to grab the tire iron from her, but she pulled back. A tug-of-war ensued with us arguing about who was going to change the tire. With a mighty heave, I yanked the tire-iron from her hands… and it went straight into my left eye which was very gratefully protected with my glasses, that took very heavy damage. My left lense ended up with a huge gouge going down the center of the lense. Girlfriend very quickly gave me the tire iron and apologized profusely as she went into my apartment to call on tires.

Methinks no amount of scratch-resistant coating would shand up to a tire iron… eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!!