I may have started a Nigerian love connection!

This morning when I got to work there were two Nigerian scam e-mails. One from a “Dr.Christophre Chukwuemeke,” and one from a “MRS AGNES FATIMA ISA KIATHA.” (Although she claims to be from Kuwait.) Before deleting them I decided, hey, these two people both have a lot of money they’re trying to move out of their respective countries, she’s a widow, he’s a doctor and they’re both engaging in e-mail fraud, so maybe I should try to hook them up.

So, I replied to each message, cutting and pasting the other’s message in as the reply. Hopefully now they’ll contact each other and perhaps while IMing or chatting in one of the many chat rooms devoted to Nigerian scam participants they will make a connection. Form a lasting bond that reaches across boarders and together they can find a way to pool their money in an offshore account in the Caymans, living happily together into old age while trying to steal peoples credit card passwords and investing in Halliburton.

Sigh. I love bringing people together.

Well, that’s a new, wickedly evil twist. Thanks for my first chuckle of the day, photopat. :smiley:

Fudge the From addresses as well, so that when they hit Reply, it’ll go back to the other. :slight_smile: