I met a female Uncle Rkusus

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Walking with my four year old son on Charlotte Street P.O.S. he was whining in the manner of 4 year olds his age and cognition.(he wanted to go in a shop with mini M&Ms and I refused) so he threw himself on the floor like standard protest techs.

Instead a local woman replied that "There is ni***r

in that child I can tell" and I was like uhhhh when she goes “you can’t hide it it, the ni***r is coming out of him”. And I was like ok first of all my son is non-verbal autistic, second later after I told my wife and she was disgusted was like WTF Is with local black people, and I offered a idea they are strongly anti-black.

Contet in Trinidad Port Of Spain, not USA

CONTEXT is the word I meant.

Thank you: that clarifies everything.

Okay, I’ll bite. What’s a “Rkusus”?

Even if it’s a typo, I can’t figure out what it’s a typo for.
And I had to read that through three times before I realized that you weren’t calling Charlotte Street a “Piece of Shit”, but simply saying that it’s in “Port of Spain, Trinidad”.

Maybe that’s obvious to you and the people you hang out with, but not to the rest of us.
I think I understand the rest of what you’re trying to say, but I still wouldn’t bet money that I’ve interpreted it correctly.

I figured Uncle Remus.

Uncle Ruckus, character in “the Boondocks.” EXTREME self-hating black man.

His autistic child had an episode in the street over some mini M&Ms. Nasty lady attributed this to badword being in the child, and now coming out; she accused the OP of trying to hide the badword and informed him he couldn’t.

OP feels that this behavior is somehow more acceptable, or at least explainable, in Trinidad than it would be in the USA.

IOW, OP has had a really rotten day, and could probably do without the grammar lesson on this one. :wink:

Grude, did I mention that lady was nasty? :mad:

So sorry you had to experience that. When such people cross my path, I try to remember that while a few minutes of their speech is upsetting to me, they have to live with such thoughts 24/7.

I try to smile sympathetically at them, and think “The best punishment I can think of is to damn you to living with thoughts like that for the rest of life!” or simply “I wouldn’t live inside your head for anything in the world!!”:cool:


Dibs on screen name Rkusus.

Thanks. Now at least I understand one thing the OP wrote.

I think the deep upset here is that ‘n*****r’ is being used by a black woman, in a largely black society to describe undesirable behaviour. And in a developmentally delayed child, to boot.

Autism is hard enough, as an invisible handicap, without the extra garnish of crap.

As someone who was nearly an auntie to three wonderful girls with autism (one nonverbal) in the same family, I’m truly sorryyouve had that experience

I’m voting drunk posking.

What’s ‘the boondocks’ refer to here? A show? A movie? Or just boondocks in general?

And Rkusus?

I immediately saw the similarity to “Remus”, but it seemed clear that grude was going for something else. I couldn’t believe that, having left out key words and shortening “context” to “contet”, he would actually lengthen “Remus” to “Rkusus”. Besides, the letters are too different. They’re not near each other on the keyboard. lurkinghorror’s suggestion of “Uncle Ruckus” from The Boondocks makes more sense – I can see “Rkusus” as a failed attempt at “Ruckus” (and they’ve got the same number of letters).

TruCelt’s translation is pretty much what I figured, but, as I say, I’ll hedge my bets by not betting.

Comic strip that is also now an animated TV show.

Grude, the woman was a dick. Dicks are distributed worldwide. Hell, we have college kids in the US threatening to lynch n***ers.

Just be strong and love your son.

When people like that cross my path, I go and grieve for a couple of hours. But maybe her man hit her, and her boys got drunk and landed in jail. Everyone has a story.

Sure, but that doesn’t excuse going out of one’s way to be a complete and total douchenozzle to a complete stranger for no reason.

Agreed, no explanation can excuse bad behavior. It can help to lesson the feeling that the behavior was a personal insult though, and makes forgiving much easier.

Huh. I assumed it was because so many of his past posts have painted Trinidad as a paradise on Earth, and concerned that we might begin to view the endless glowing praise as hyperbole, he at last decided to mention something slightly less positive, just for balance.

Uncle Remus wasn’t a self-hating guy, nor rude like that, at least in the movie.