I met the cast of "Family Guy"!

Last night, kung fu wifey (AKA Upside_Down_Amber) and I went to see Family Guy Live! at the Just For Laughs Festival. They performed When You Wish Upon A Weinstein, drank beer, shook their booties and took questions from the audience. Seth McFarlane fielded a question from a guy who is attending McFarlane’s former alma mater, then instructed the guy to tell the current head of said alma mater to “Go f*** himself.” Awesome.

After the question period, everyone rushed the stage and we got our Family Guy sticker sheets autographed by the cast. Amber wanted a close-up photo of Seth Green, but the batteries in her camera died.
Mila Kunis looked miserable to be there, but I smiled at her and said “Thank you,” and she cheered up a little bit. I think I was the only person who did. I also thanked Alex Borstein and she was very sweet to me. I smiled at Seth Green and tried to keep cool and not say anything retarded, but I have a horrible feeling that I had that “glazed-fangirl” look on that he gets five million times a day. I was also feeling grateful because if he hadn’t asked to leave Buffy, Amber and I might never have met. I didn’t say that, though. I didn’t say anything to him.

I thought it was kind of funny that they were allowed to drink beer on stage, but the audience was treated to huge signs saying; “THERE IS NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED INSIDE THE THEATRE”

This has probably been the best perk of living in Montreal, so far (aside from my close proximity to matt_mcl and laurange, of course).

Any ideas as to where they will be next? Or was this just a one time thing?

Wow! :eek:
Will this be broadcast on T.V.?

How’d they do the sequence where Peter jumps on the draidel and slides down the menorah while singing “I need a Jew”? That seems kind of hard to do in live theater.

So did Seth McFarlane sound like he does in the new commercials on Cartoon Network?

Apparently, they have also done the show in Vegas (and hope to do more). One audience member asked to have the cut-out of Stewie that was standing onstage to take home, but Seth said that they may still need the cut-outs for future Family Guy Live shows.

I don’t know. Probably not; I didn’t see any cameras.

The cast sat in chairs with their names on them and “did” the voices while the screen showed scenes from the episode. For the musical number, they played the music and Seth sang along while the screen played the entire animated sequence, sans audio. They also used the screen to show the Lois/Quagmire “Let me get my car keys” gag.

I wouldn’t know, I don’t get the Cartoon Network.

Oh yeah, they also showed a sample clip from American Dad. It has funny moments, but it could be stronger.

No word in the OP about the big guy himself, Seth MacFarlane … did you get to exchange a couple words with him? He seems like a very friendly and approachable guy.