I missed "Monarch of the Glen" season finale

My father’s favorite program is “Monarch of the Glen”, produced by BBC television and also broadcast on PBS in the United States. While my father has been out of the country for the past month, I’ve diligently taped this program every week, but my local PBS station altered their broadcast schedule this weekend and I missed the season finale! Although it was an honest mistake on my part, I feel terrible.

I don’t know anybody else who watches this program, but if any kind soul reading this happens to have the final episode on tape, I would really like to make an offer in exchange for a copy.

Thanks very much.

Without having seen it, I can tell you that the plot will have run something like:

Dire financial peril threatens Glenbogle.
A mysterious stranger appears.
Two of the lesser characters develop schemes; one of them involves financial profit, the other involves alcohol or general hijinks - these two subplots will later cancel out to zero.
The mysterious stranger turns out to be the estranged relative of one of the regular characters.
The dire financial peril is averted at the last moment, owing to the discovery of a valuable object or document.
Everybody dons a kilt and they all enjoy an afternoon garden party on the shore of the loch.

Thanks, Mangetout. I’ve never watched the show myself, but I’m sure your sarcastic synopsis is humorously accurate. I’m also sure it won’t make my father feel any better that I missed taping his show…

Other light-hearted jokes are welcome, but a more helpful response is even more welcome!

You didn’t say which season you were looking for the finale of - Seasons 1 and 2 are now available on DVD - less than a tenner on eBay, by the looks - with Christmas just around the corner…

I guess PBS may not be on the same broadcast schedule all over the US, but my local station just finished Season 3.

I agree with your suggestion that this would be a great Christmas present for my dad, but I already looked for the tapes before turning to SDMB, but I see that Season 3 is only available in the UK right now. I don’t know anyone with a PAL video deck and I imagine that the copy-protection signal would crush all my best intentions at converting it to NTSC.

My father won’t hate me for messing this up, but I still feel terrible. (And he will be disappointed…)

Your best bet is to call your PBS station, and ask if they will be re-running it. My PBS station doesn’t carry it at all. I get BBC America, but they are broadcasting season 4, so I can’t help you.

Maybe you’ll get lucky, and find out your station will be re-running it fairly soon.