I must buy SCI-FI books. It's an emergency. Help!

I have not read “Years of rice and salt”. I heard about it on NPR a very long time ago and always meant to pick it up. Thank you for reminding me. I don’t care if it isn’t strictly sci-fi. I enjoy regular novels too. The choice can be overwhelming though so I’m usually prone to stay with sci-fi. A questionable thing to do…

I haven’t read War of the World yet. I’m not sure if I’d enjoy it after watching the movie.

I’ve almost read left hand of darkness once. I might as well add “The dispossessed” to my reading list as well. Thanks!

As a moroccan, I cannot , in good conscience, not read something about carpets. More seriously, the premise intrigues me. Consider it added to my list.

Tuf voyaging, childhood’s end and "The moon is a harsh mistress"are also in.

I’ve read the asimov books you recommend (in fact, those are the very 2 books that got me into scifi to begin with. Odd?). While I enjoy Star Trek books a lot more than the show, I’m not sure I’ll pick one up.

I have read those Dan Simmons books and they were indeed good (though the hyperion series kinda dragged out after the first book).

I have read every single Bujold book in existence and will continue to do so until her death or mine (preferably hers…). I’ll get “The free lunch” though.

I’ll get fledgling , camouflage, old twentieth and the forever war for good measure.

And the bug wars. And old man’s war.

And well, I think I already picked way too many books.

Ok, I’ll also get dies the fire but that’s it…

Let’s count the books:

Oh wow. 15. I’ll have to cut a few out :frowning:

And here I was worried about not getting enough suggestions…

Well, many thanks to all of you for your fantastic suggestions. I’m surprised no one recommended anything by Neal Stephenson by the way. Just as well, I’ve already read most of his stuff anyways.

if I remember, I’ll reopen this and let you all know what I thought of the books I buy. Take care!

Oh, and don’t hesitate to add more books. I fully intend to come back and buy a bunch more based on your suggestions!

Don’t cut Dies the Fire. That was going to be my suggestion too.

John Ridley’s ‘Those Who Walk in Darkness’ and ‘What Fire Cannot Burn’, about cops who hunt down mutants.

James Alen Gardner’s Expendable series, starting with: Expendable. Gets better and better with each book.

They’re more historical-period-techno-geekout-thriller-with-fantasy-and-scifi-aspect novels, but if you haven’t read Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle, which stretches over three books and about 3800 pages, it can keep you busy. Great read.

I didn’t cut it. I’m aware of the Baroque cycle and I read half of the first book. Frankly, I enjoyed Cryptonomicon a lot more. I wish he had written a proper sequel as I thought there was still plenty of story there.

Anyways, here is the list that I ordered from Amazon. I apologize if your book is not in, It just got too expensive for me to add any more books at this time:
1 "The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress"Robert A. Heinlein; Paperback; $10.17
1 "Camouflage (Ace Science Fiction)"Joe Haldeman; Paperback; $7.99
1 "Dies the Fire (Roc Science Fiction)"S.M. Stirling; Paperback; $7.99
1 "In the Garden of Iden (The Company)"Kage Baker; Paperback; $10.17
1 "The Carpet Makers"Andreas Eschbach; Paperback; $9.72
1 "Old Man’s War"John Scalzi; Paperback; $9.97
1 "Fledgling : A Novel"Octavia E. Butler; Hardcover; $15.72
1 "Tuf Voyaging "George R. R. Martin; Paperback; $10.40
1 "The Years of Rice and Salt"Kim Stanley Robinson; Hardcover; $6.49
1 "Childhood’s End"Arthur C. Clarke; Mass Market Paperback; $6.99
1 "Old Twentieth"Joe Haldeman; Hardcover; $16.47
1 "The Bug Wars"Robert Asprin; Paperback; $5.75

And if you’re wondering, the total (including shipping) was $142. I’m certain it’ll be totally worth it.

Sounds like a helluva good list! I really think you’re gonna like Tuf Voyaging - it’s long been one of my favorites; other Dopers are no doubt rolling their eyes at my repeated plugs for it, on this and other threads. I re-read it every few years and love it all over again.

Have a great - and well-read - trip.

GozuThe Book is not the Movie!

Hollywwod always screws up the Movie version. :rolleyes:

The novel War Of The Worlds is grand, fine, peaches & cream, duck soup, compared to the $h^thouse Moive!