I Must Share my Zen alarm clock

The Zen Alarm Clock (click on the Zen Alarm Clocks button)

I got one of these this weekend (the honey/labyrinth combination). It’s great. As the page says, at the time that the clock is set for, it rings a chime once. Then after a few minutes rings again, then shorter and shorter delays until about the eight minute mark, when it rings constantly every five seconds.
Waking up to it is like having someone standing near your bed, whispering, “Hey, it’s time to wake up …” No buzzing, or loud music, just a nice, peaceful transition to wakefulness. Of course, it’s not for those who need someone to come riding through on an elephant with frying pans stuck to the bottom of its feet before they wake up. It’s very subtle.

And one of the coolest things about it is that the decrease in time between each successive ring is based on the Golden Mean. How cool is that?

I highly recommend it.

Sounds great!

Is there a “snooze”?

It doesn’t wake you to the sound of one hand clapping?

Nope, no snooze. Which is good for me, as I could snooze my way through an extra hour of sleep. Now I have to get up and shut it off, and if I want to go back to sleep I have to manually reset it by turning the little alarm hand all the way round again. Much easier to get up when I need to with this alarm.

Funny! :smiley:

Dang! that’s cool, I want one. thanks for the link.

Sounds good… but would like one more feature…

I don’t know about you guys, but I can turn off practically any alarm clock without hitting any normal state of conciousness. I need an alarm clock that refuses to go off until I’m really awake.

How about one of these clocks, but the only way to turn it off is by completing one of those rolling ball mazes?