I need a camcorder quickly, what are my options

I’m moving out of my apartment on sunday and I want a camcorder to remember the place. But I don’t have one and need one quick. What are my options to get one quickly and cheaply? Here is what I have so far

  1. Ebay. Camcorders are suprisingly cheap if all you want is a used analog camcorder, they start at $30-40 with another $10-15 for shipping.

Problem: I need it by sunday and I only have $10 in my paypal account. I just transferred $90 to paypal but it’ll take a few business days to fulfill the transfer. Is there anyway to pay for objects on ebay with credit/debit cards? Is there a quicker way to transfer money to paypal

  1. Buy one of those webcam/camcorder/digital camera things at walmart. Walmart sells these little things that function as a camcorder, digital camera & webcam. It may not hold much info (I think something like 20 seconds of info) but I can just do that a few times and keep uploading it to my computer

  2. Find a friend or a friend of a friend with a camcorder. Problem is I don’t know alot of people and I’m the kind of shy person who doesn’t feel comfortable asking alot of people for a personal item like a camcorder to record sentimental videos. But I can always try this one.

  3. Buy a camcorder from a store with an unconditional return/refund policy and return it when I am done with it.

What are my other options?

  1. Use a regular camera instead


Do you know what heading would that be in the yellow pages? I suppose any ‘rent to own’ place would offer that kind of thing. I’ll try that too, tanks.

Do you have a CVS drug store near you? I’m 99 percent sure they now sell disposable video recorders. I just checked their web site and didn’t see anything listed. If you don’t have a CVS near you, I’d think some other store has picked up on this new invention. I think they came out about a month ago.

I want to say they’re about 20 bucks and no idea on how much time (10 minutes? 20?). I’ll be in one over the next 2 days, I’ll check into it further for you.

Save your money. They cost $29.99 and another $12 to “develop”. You get 20 minutes of video.

If you need to use a camcorder for this one time thing, either rent one, or get a cheapo used one at a pawn shop.


You don’t have to have money in your paypal account - they’ll take it from whatever “backup” source you indicate, which can be a credit card. However, some eBay sellers will refuse your paypal payment if it’s made from a credit card.

Email me. I have one I can loan you and overnight it ( or, since it’s only Monday, two-day it ) to your house. Seriously. Basic Sony Mini-DV cam, coupla batteries. Fits in a small cardboard box.

Makes lovely images. Glad to loan it out, you can send it back after you move. If you are serious about owning one anyway, then…well… I can’t sell it cause I use it for a second angle when shooting projects. But it’s yours to borrow to shoot the old homestead.