I need a chicken suit!

Suppose, for reasons unknown, that I needed to become a giant chicken for a day.

Where could I find one of those fabled full-body chicken suits at a relatively low price? I found a few places online that have 'em, but they charge $100+ for a suit and I don’t want to pay that much for something I’m only going to use for a day.

Would it be possible to rent one somewhere? Would the average costume rental place have 'em, or is this is not the kind of stuff they usually carry? I’m in the Pasadena area, if it matters, but I’m willing to travel anywhere in and around LA to find one.

And does anyone know how (un)comfortable these suits are? I think I’m going to need to wear one for 5-8 hours, and I’m hoping that won’t be too unbearable.

I can’t be the only one who’s had do this… right? :smiley:

I managed to find a few places on Yahoo and Google. Duh – I should’ve looked first.

Mods, please feel free to close or even delete this thread. Thanks!

Mods – pls. leave it open till s/he comes back and explains why s/he needs the suit – my mind is reeling.

Mods – pls. leave it open till s/he comes back and explains why s/he needs the suit – my mind and my pants are reeling, writhing & fainting in coils.

Mods – pls. leave it open till Bosda comes back and explains why Reply’s need for a chicken suit sends his pants reeling.

Wait…on second thought, we’re probably better off not knowing. Close away.

It depends on the size of the chicken, and whether this is a black-tie affair or just a jacket/tie type event. The hard part is really finding shoes to fit.

Ask Pamela DeBarres.

And I will be completely shocked if anyone catches the reference there.

Is that a Tommy Lee referance ?

No, it’s actually a Nicky St. Nicholas reference. He used to be the bass player for Steppenwolf, but beyond that deponant sayeth naught. :smiley:

Better a chicken suit than a paternity suit

Heh. (He) needed a chicken suit because he needed to be a giant chicken for a day!

It’s for a school psych project :smiley:

Let me guess: You’re re-creating the famous invisible-gorilla-in-the-ballgame experiment, only with a chicken?

I didn’t know she plaster casted poultry.

You’re close … but you need to get more specific.

Well, it culminates in a fowl pun… It’s hard to pullet off because most people chicken out.