I need a clip from the Jaws music... the creepy slow part

I have been Googling around and I find other snippets from the Jaws theme, the faster parts, but what I need is that really slow baaaaaaaaa dum. baaaaaaaa dum. baaa dum baaa dum ba dum ba dum etc where it starts super slow and speeds up. I want to use this in a powerpoint that I’m doing for a group presentation in school. It will be funny.

Does anyone have this? Or have better Google-fu than I do at finding the right clip?

Not exactly the Jaws theme, but a close rip of it from Spaceballs.

ah-ha, Here it is.

Perfect! Thank you! :smiley:

FWIW, if you have Airplane! on video, it’s used at the beginning of that, too. Great scene.