I need a dramatic photo of a dancer for a painting...

I am doing a painting and I need a reference photo of a dancer. It can be male or female, and preferably in dramatic lighting such as these:

example 1
example 2
example 3

The kind of dance doesn’t matter, but the foreground is going to be a violinist, so probably a break dancer or something isn’t so much gonna work.

The lighting in the rest of the painting will be similar to these paintings of mine: illumination, under cover, nude #1 so the dancer should be lit in a way that is easy to incorporate into that kind of scene.

So does anyone have/know of/can help me find any awesome pictures?

The bottom of this album has a lot of pictures that are the kind of thing I’m looking for. I’d just really prefer better resolution.

I should have added that to the OP: they need to be fairly high resolution photos

http://albums.phanfare.com/paulgillis (Some galleries here have fairly nice hi res photos, specifically capital fringe festival and Jane Franklin Dance.)





Thanks! there were a few really good ones in there.


Okie I’ve started the painting. I picked two from one of the sites I listed… but seeing some of the other ones makes me want to do more paintings lol

Opal, I see you found a picture. But, for future projects, I recommend flickr groups. You might know Flickr as a simple photosharing website, where everybody stores their family pictures. However, Flickr also has groups, where people with entusiasm for photographs “collect” links a certain category of pictures in Flickr. Think of it as pre-selections.

For instance, here is one of the many Flickr groups for dance:
Every kind of photo of dancing people, every kind of dance
	Toute sorte de photos de personnes en train de danser, toute sorte de dance
	nfoto has pasting the "Dance (new rules)" hyperlink to FlickRandom so that you can test it. It allows one to...

and here for nudes: (Warning NSFW) http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/nude/

and here for nature: http://www.flickr.com/groups/naturegroup/

Very good stuff there, and you can e-mail the photographers to ask if you can use their picture for a painting.

cool! I have seen individual people’s albums on Flickr but didn’t know about the subject oriented groups. Neat stuff!

I like this one:


Then again, I am a sucker for HDR.

it’s a neat picture, but aside from the fact that I already chose (and started painting) the ones I’m using, that one is too well lit, and it doesn’t show the full figure.