I need a good henna formula

I need to find a really good henna formula for temporary tattoos. I live in Michigan, so the green henna powder tends to be a little stale by the time it is imported this far. I have tried formulas that include tea, coffee, tamarind paste, eucalyptus oil and/or lemons, with varying results. I don’t want to use the “black henna”, it seems too harsh. Does anyone have a favorite formula they want to share?

Catherine Cartwright-Jones (aka “Bunny” - don’t ask) is the goddess of mehendi in the US. Check out her site for tips, recipes and mail-order henna supplies. Her stuff is reasonably priced and very, very fresh.

(I’m not affiliated with her in any way, except that she did my mehendi for my wedding. It lasted nearly 3 1/2 weeks on my oily skin in the middle of July! :eek: )

OOh, thats a really good site. Thank you

Wow. And check out this site, also by Catherine. It’s linked somewhere in the other one, but you really don’t want to miss this picture if you’re a mehendi fan. It’s gorgeous, in multi-colored hennas!

I get my powered henna from here .

To make the paste, I combine the powder, some lemon juice and a little bit of coffee or red wine if I have it left over. Put the lid on, and I put the container in the furnace room (nice, constant 80 degrees in there). 24-36 hours later, I add a little Cajeput oil (also from the above site) and a little bit of honey to help it stick and stay moist. It’s been working pretty well for me.

Both Catherine Jones and EverydayHenna have great articles on finding your own receipe. Order a sample pack of differnt oils and types of henna powder, play around, keep notes and you’ll find what works for you.