I need a new home page/portal

I’ve been using My Yahoo forever…and it seems time to move on, for obvious reasons. (I no longer use my Yahoo email address, for one).

What I like about My Y! – having bookmarks independent of the browser (I use Firefox at work, Safari at home); having sports scores, weather, and stock update widget thingies. And the rest of the page is devote to headlines in various categories.

What is out there that could do this stuff? My brother tells me to use an rss feed (he recommends feedly) but that seems to just be an aggregator of reading material – news sources and blogs. Or am I not using it right?

Stock updates on your personal choices

… right?

What other sites have you tried and disliked?

Nothing…other than feedly which doesn’t come close to the above list. So I’m open to any suggestions.