i need a new pair of shoes

Basically, i’m looking for a pair of breathable shoes that i can wear to work. Leather is out. Canvas would be good, but all i can seem to find are your basic Chucks or boat shoes, which really wouldn’t be appropriate for work. They don’t need to be all that durable, since the furthest i’d be walking in them would be about half a mile. They don’t need to be too formal – it’s a business casual environment. All they need to be is breathable and not look like sneakers. Any recommendations?

zyzz, I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, since I think most canvas shoes are sneakers or boat shoes, but here’s a website that might at least kill some time for you.

I know you’re a veggie, so you might know this site, but it’s where I go for my non-leather needs.

Nym - who knows all about shoes.

all I’ve gotta say is that nothing beats leather for breathability if you get the right shoes. now, I’m not talking about Doc Martens; I’m talking about the hiking boots. Great support, great breathability, and overal, better make. Soft leather too. anyhow, Canvas is pretty nice also, but I’ll hafta agree with Nym when she says you can’t find too much canvas shoewear that are not Chucks.

anyhow, my $.02