I need a recipe for some delicious (and impressive) dinner rolls

My boss is having a holiday dinner party at his home next weekend and I have been charged with bringing dinner rolls. I love to bake so I plan on making them from scratch. I would love to make something unique and delicious (but obviously not too crazy) that can go with the pot roast he will be serving. I already have a recipe for regular yeast rolls, but I want something a little different. Does anyone have any delicious dinner roll recipes that they care to share?

Scald a cup and a half of milk and two tablespoons of honey- a little more if you like really sweet rolls. Take off heat, plop in one frozen stick of butter. (That’s 4 ounces, approximately 115 grams) Also the butter to melt completely and the mixture to cool until it won’t kill yeast. Bloom one packet of yeast in the mixture, stir in about a half teaspoon of salt and enough flour to make dough, need lightly, raise at least once before forming into rolls, make into balls with nice tight tops by stretching the dough and tucking it under itself, raise in roll form, egg or milk wash, bake at 350 degrees.