I need advice about Florida

I need to take a vacation in late June, and I’m thinking about Florida. Obviously, I’m a person who doesn’t mind the heat, I like tropical weather. In fact, one of the reasons I’m thinking about Florida for a vacation is that I’ve been thinking about moving there, and I want to do a little “research”.

I’m searching online and I can’t seem to find any sites that tell a potential traveler whether late spring/early summer is a good time to go to Florida. I don’t want to go and find out that I picked the one week during the year where motor oil falls from the sky and alligators have sex with anyone who doesn’t have a tan.

Does anyone have any advice? Considering I don’t mind the heat, is there any other reason not to go to Florida in the late spring/early summer? And if so, when is the ideal season to go? Can you recommend any honest websites where this information is available?

Late June might run you into the 4th of July holiday. But I think that period of time would be low season because of how hot and humid it most likely will be. Late Jan., early Feb. was warm enough for me. You might email or call some hotel chain down in your area of interest and see what they say. I suspect prices are lower in the summer.

I live in Florida, so I’m used to the heat. We have a couple of perfectly lovely weeks in early autumn…no humidity, highs in the low 80s.

Unfortunately, we haven’t had any meaningful rainfall in about four years, so I’m rather hoping we get hit with about two or three hurricanes.

I’d say the earlier before school lets out would be best for you…say early to mid June.

I’ve been living in FL for most of the last 19 years. We went to Key West twice - both times in July. It was actually cooler there than here - I’m guessing the sea breezes had a lot to do with that.

I’d just suggest that you avoid any holiday period. By now, the love bugs are all but gone, and it’s too early for hurricanes, and I’m pretty sure the gators won’t try to take advantage of you.

If you drive by Jax, do wave! :smiley:

Is that true? I was in the Everglades a few years ago, late spring early summer, and I remember that the skeeters were picking up the smaller, weaker tourists and carrying them back deeper into the swamp where they could eat them in peace.

Uke, there’s a difference between love bugs and skeeters. Love bugs show up for a few weeks in spring and late summer. Skeeters are pretty much everywhere unless it freezes. Then there are the yellowflies, and the palmetto bugs, and the ticks and fleas, and the snakes and lizards.

Did I mention that I’m leaving Florida in 2 more years??

Incidentally, these are love bugs

Where in Florida are you going?

Just like the landscape (not all of Florida is palm trees and condos - there are dense hardwood forests in the central to north parts of the state, and marsh and scrub land to the south), the weather varies from area to area - contrast Miami/the Keys to the Panhandle.

Be forewarned June is the start of the hurricane season also - not likely we are going to get one, but just fair warning.

Plan for any kind of weather. But make sure you have sunscreen. We’ve been overcast in ThemeParkLandWorld lately, but you can still get a nasty burn through the cloud cover, especially near the beaches. [UV Index was an 11 the other day (on a scale from 1 - 10.]

Thanks to all of you. I’m planning on going to Southern FL, probably the Miami area, where I can be near the beaches and palm trees. I’m going to rent a car and drive around, probably hundreds of miles, hoping one particular town will captivate me and make me go “I have to live here”. Then I’ll work on relocating. I have made absolutely no concrete plans yet, but I know I have to get the crikey out of Nude Jersey.

Any suggestions about places to visit or move to are very welcome and appreciated.

I’d drive from Miami thru the Keys, all the way to Key West. See

I liked all the keys but stayed in Key Largo, Duck Key and Key West. Hiking, kayaking, swimming, boating, etc. Check out Dry Tortugas Island, too:

I second the motion. The Keys are a trip.