I need advice about Kifto Raw Beef

So, I achieved success, of a sort. Guestling the Eldest, as a professional cook hopeful(dare I dream and say accredited chef someday?) has decided he needs to sample as many different dishes from different cultures as he can to “broaden his palate” and would like to try the Above named dish…he is allergic to garlic.

I know of the many substitutes for garlic, but I would like the advice of those of you who have had this dish before, since this will likely not be a common meal in my house (I live among culinary cowards and sloths) and I would prefer to have it as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

So what are your suggestions for a suitable garlic substitute for this dish?

I had never heard of it before now. Here’s a recipe that doesn’t use garlic. The problem is that raw ground beef can easily lead to food poisoning from E. Coli. You can get a whole cut such as round and trim or sear the outside, then chop or grind the meat yourself. I wouldn’t trust what you get at a grocery store to eat raw though.

oh I know. I’ve already been shopping around for a meat grinder. Figured I’d look here for advice on the garlic question since I know there are several folks here that have had it.

It’s kitfo, not kifto. I would say there are more accessible Ethiopian dishes to try before attempting to make kitfo at home. Not only is it problematic to use raw meat, but there are better dishes imo. Kitfo really needs injera too, and making it well Is not easy.

However, if you are dead set on trying it, I’d go with a recipe with no garlic. Unfortunately, there are not a ton of Ethiopian meat dishes without berbere (which typically has garlic), or garlic itself, so kitfo might be your best option. That said, be careful because niter kibbeh may also have garlic in it. Good luck either way!

kifto, or kitfo, you can find both on the web, my reference is from “The Fruge” (Jeff Smith) in the early 80s when I first saw the dish on his show, and after from one of his cook books (published 1990)

Also, apologies to Tripolar, I didn’t mean to dismiss the recipe you offered up, I appreciate it, I also want opinions from those who have had it (as I said)

On the plus side, YAY! I’ve discovered that my town has an Ethiopian/Eritrean eatery, which seems to be operated by an Ethiopian immigrant. So maybe I won’t have to actually make it! Although I am tempted to try anyway, just to say I did.

Tangentially and anecdotally, I’d like to point out that all the Ethiopian restaurants I’ve eaten at have had amazing food. Have fun!

Asafoetida powder is said to give a garlic-y/onion-y flavor to cooked dishes, so I don’t know if it would work for something raw. A word of warning, a little goes a long way.

Perhaps, but even google corrects you when you type kifto. I can also say as so someone who lives in the DC area, which has one of the larger Ethiopian communities outside of Ethiopia, that I’ve never spelled that way.

Me too! So many dishes, and they’re all great. Berbere is just awesome!