I need advice about where to fix a small electronic product(USA).

Perhaps this goes in GQ, but I think it’s half poll, half advice so I put it here.

I have a friend who broke their MP3 player. It’s this Gateway model seen here.


Anyway, it pulls apart into two parts. The part where the battery goes has the spring(which holds the negative side of the battery) broken. You can still see the stump of the spring in the player and he has the rest of the spring in tact.

Where can this kind of thing be fixed in the States? I’m not sure if Gateway can fix it and am wondering if anyone knows of a electronic place that can fix such things. I’m in China now, but am willing to send it back to the States.

I don’t think accidental damage is covered by the waranty; this is why I’m asking.

It seems like any place where they can meld the metal back on could do it, but it is quite small. Are there still places that can do this kind of thing?


Since no one else has jumped in…

I don’t know where to get it fixed. Diagnosis and repair of electronic items is often more expensive than replacing the items, so there aren’t a lot of places offering that kind of service. There are some, but they probably work mostly on higher-ticket units that are worth repairing rather than replacing.

From your description, it sounds like it could be repaired fairly easily by replacing the spring – IF one could get the right spring. While the factory that assembled the device probably has a kajillion of them, my experience is that such things are not available from repair facilities or retail outlets (e.g. Radio Shack) that carry related items. I’d be shocked if you were able to find a proper replacement part.

The spring is almost certainly steel, and spring steel is not really repairable. The metal is treated to be springy after it’s formed. Normal methods to repair steel involve heat, which takes the springiness out of it, making it useless for your purpose.

Your best bet might be to try to find some appropriately sized and shaped piece of material that could be fabricated and installed to replace the broken spring. This might be in the form of a strip or a coil spring. A brass strip might be suitable. It will probably take some creativity to make it work. Perhaps you can buy a cheap flashlight or other item with a similar spring that could be cut to fit.

Sorry I don’t have more optimistic advice. Good luck!

Replace the spring would be my guess as well. Find a spring thats roughly the same size and about 10 minutes with a soldering iron should do the trick.

At first glance I thought the title said “fit” not “fix”.