I need advice on a laptop computer

Here is the situation-I am borrowing my brother’s laptop, which cost about $1500 when he bought it several years ago. I decided to finally hire a cleaning service to do a good cleaning of my apartment. I chose one that was bonded and guaranteed the work. When I came home there was a 2 inch scratch/crack in the screen and one in the plastic of the cover but the computer otherwise functions well. What should I do?
1)Ask for the full replacement cost of the computer
2)Ask for about half the cost as it is an old computer and still works
3)Ask Opal for the money to replace the computer
4)Ask for a full refund for the cleaning (about$300)
If it is any help, I intend to offer my brother between $700-$1000 to buy the laptop from him as I don’t see how it can be repaired.

Awaiting opinions. Thanks.

My opinion is that a laptop that cost $1500 several years ago is not worth $700 now.

Maybe $350, tops.

Having said that, the cleaning company should be accountable. Go with option 2.

I would get a quote for repair and send them the bill.

Off to IMHO.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

I think repair will be more expensive than buying a comparable used laptop. I’d ask for whatever the computer was worth. And I agree with heresiarch, it’s definitely not worth $700.