I need cleaning help: NEED URGENTLY

Okay, here’s the deal. I had just put a pot of lima beans on to cook when my cell phone rang. The phone was upstairs, the range is downstairs and I ran up to answer the phone, forgetting the damn beans. It was my attorney and the call took a while; the damn beans boiled over and I didn’t know it until I smelled them. The long and short is that the range is a very expensive glass topped thing and I can’t get the thing cleaned up. If I don’t get it clean, my survival is problematic.

I need suggestions and I need them ASAP; Please come through for me, my beloved and only friends and I’ll say a little prayer for all of you.

What are you using and why isn’t it working? Sounds like some Fantastic or 409 type stuff would do the job.

ETA: Let it soak and don’t use an abrasive pad.

I have strickt orders to only use some specific range top cleaner called Ceramabryte my sister has; so far as I know, it is recommended for all glass range tops; abrasives are right off the list. How would 409 do the job? I’ve got that but no Fantastic. Remember, I’m a guy; I don’t know from cleaning.

Yeah, wet some paper towels and lay them on the surface. Softscrub might work best to clean it, after it’s soaked for awhile.

We always use Soft Scrub, and we have the same type of range. It’s never hurt it yet.

I’d be tempted to try baking soda, with the soak-then-rub-gently method. I don’t* think *it would be too abrasive, but I’m not positive, so you may want to save that for a last resort.

I’ll give it a shot; thanks for the input. This really might be life or death for me.

I’ve gotta go, but I wish you luck. I think with any product you use, you can’t go wrong Letting It Soak!

damn attorneys :wink:

You need to test them to make sure it won’t hurt the surface, but a slightly wetted ScotchBrite heavy duty scrubbing pad will cut through just about any organic or inorganic material short of glass or ceramic with enough elbow grease.

Never mind I saw the warning about abrasives and they are abrasive.

Yeah, this was a true bearer of bad news but I’ll have to let it percolate before I post about it and maybe I really shouldn’t post at all. But my wife is a total bitch, I’ll go that far.

I’m going to try this even though my sister has already threatened me with death if I use such a thing; I can’t make it any worse. I was hoping for some sort of magic crap remover but I think this is beyond Charmin.

What I always did - scrape as much of the burned-on stuff off as you can (using butter knife or something like that. Cover the remaining gunk with the glass-topped stove cleaner. Cover that with water-soaked paper towels. Clean after an hour or so. Repeat as needed.

If it was your stove, not your sister’s, I’d just say get the Comet or Magic Eraser on the job. I cleaned my glass-topped range with Comet (gently) with no problems. Actually, you could still try Magic Eraser if you have one - those things are spectacular.

Good luck with both issues!

I’ve got a glass hob too, and water and regular washing liquid works perfectly well to get the initial crap up. Also, a Teflon-coated scrubbing sponge is great for that. Not sure if you can get them in Florida, but they’re quite common in UKland, and are the best invention since sliced bananas.

You can treat it afterwards when it’s clean and dry with some pointless fancy-schmancy-ass shit, but at the end of the day it’s just glass.

Whose stove is it? If it is your sister’s, follow her directions. Everything I’ve ever burned onto mine has come off, with time.

If it is your very own stove, I’d try Bar Keeper’s Friend. It is abrasive, but it gets stuff of easily and I can’t see any scratches from using it on my glass top.

Edit: I’ve also had success with a Magic Eraser.

I’m not in the UK; where can I get one in Florida? On Christmas Eve?

Walgreen’s. Any major, full-size grocery store.


I would actually caution against anything that could scratch it. Use a plastic scraper instead.

My glass-top range came with a metal scraper, similar to those sold in the paint department (the kind with replaceable straight blades). I don’t use it very often though.

The Ceramabryte stuff works great, but the surface has to be cleaned of any solid debris first. Magic Erasers do a great job, by the way. (They’re also great for cleaning brake dust off of your car’s rims.)

Out of curiosity, what brand is your sister’s range?

Make a paste of baking soda and water and cover the stains. Put the wet paper towels over the whole thing and wait until the paper towels are dry. Use an old credit card or a plastic scraper to scrape as much crap off as possible. Repeat this process until you’ve removed as much solid material as possible. Rub the baking soda-water paste around on the glass surface to remove the rest of the material. The baking soda-water paste is non scratching. Hope this helps.