I need cleaning solutions!

How do you clean dried on hairspray off of a tile floor? I really don’t want to scrub it much—what will dissolve it so that I can just mop it up?

Lazy Housecleaner

I suspect the dried reside, being mostly just sticky stuff, will clean up with Goo-Gone, available at most hobby & craft stores.

if you have rubbing alcohol on hand, try it first.

Delores - I have the same problem having a Mr2U who has a ponytail and uses four times the amount of hairspray I do. I spray it with 409, let it sit for awhile, then use the scrubby part of the mop to wipe it up. It works for me. But then again, we use cheap hairspray. Goo Gone should work well too. Goo Gone works on EVERYTHING. It’s like miracle stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will try all of your suggestions. I’ve tried vinegar and bleach— no help. He uses cheap hairspray too. I never use the stuff!

Fire and lots of it.

egg :smiley:
Eggnogg is not responcible for any house burning incidents that may follow

How about old burned on crud inside of a gas oven? I’m assuming spraying ærosol oven cleaners isn’t a good idea with the pilot light lit. Are there good ways to clean one without turning off the gas?

Dijon -

You could use a torch (but, if you don’t like turning the gas off, you probably don’t want to mess with a torch) to incerate the crud (which is how ‘self-cleaning’ ovens work - they lock the door and turn the heat on full blast - it reduces the crud to carbon (mostly) dust, which can be easily wiped off the surface).

Beyond that you have two issues:

  1. Find something that will zap the crud.
  2. Said something must go away completely, so stuff heated in the oven is still safe to eat.

IOW - beware home remedies on this one.

p.s. - too much heat will warp the oven surfaces, and maybe set the house on fire (the flue would get much hotter than the builders could have ever dreamed it would - surrounding structure could ignite, then you’d have another lawsuit which would piss me off, so please don’t try to wing it, 'K)

Dijon I spent a recent Saturday night cleaning my gas oven (yes, I have no life). I hadn’t cleaned it in over a year and use it several times a week. There was tons of baked on crud (mainly from pizza) and I used the spray oven cleaner. No problem with the pilot light. Just don’t spray it in the hole. Many years ago I remember using a brush on oven cleaner. If the pilot light worries you, look for that.

Ho o o o old on thar! When the stuff is on your hair, shampoo takes it off. Have you tried that?


Excellent thought! I’ll try that too!

A torch? Not in my house! Bright colors cause the place to smolder. I’ll go ahead and risk the spray-on stuff, if I can’t find the brush on stuff. Thanks, folks.

Nail polish remover.

Almost all hairsprays are water soluable. My wife sprays the offending areas with water mixed with Oxyclean, lets it sit a bit, then uses a sponge that has scotch brite on one side to wipe it all up. Chemical cleaners will not remove dried on hairspray.

** Dijon **

I assume you don’t have a self cleaning gas oven - they are rare. But you may have a continous cleaning oven. If so then remove what you can then set your oven on broil (highest it will go) for 4-8 hrs. this should allow the continous cleaning surface to work.

USing oven cleaners on a CC surface will distroy it.

If it’s not CC or oven cleaners have rendered it useless then just use an oven cleaner. Read the ca to see if it can be sprayed w/ the piolt lite on - if not then just shut off the gas valve to the oven.