I need help identifying this movie!

It was this movie about a bus that had to speed around the city, keeping its speed over fifty. And if its speed dropped, the bus would explode!

I think it was called “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down”.

I remember that! I think it was called Velocity.

It was called “Speed”


No, no, no. It was titled Whoa. But you don’t just say ‘whoa’ the regular way. You have to say it as if was ‘rad’ and ‘dude’ and ‘shuh (a la Wayne and Garth)’ were a regular part of your vocabulary. You know, ‘whoa’.

lulu, just why would they name a movie about a bus that couldn’t slow down after the slang term for a drug that increases your heart rate, etc.?

No, I’m sure the movie was called “Excessive Miles Per Hour.”


Sir Rhosis

Maybe it was, “Whoa, This Bus Defies Physics!”

Are you sure it wasn’t, “Dude, Where’s My Bus?” ??

In France, it was called La Vitesse.


lulu, the answer InTransit gave was close; the film was actually called Whoosh.



No, it should have been Vitesse, but instead it was just “Speidh”. At least, Eddie Izzard says so.

Or, you could say ‘Bomb dogs Greyhound’


Yeah! Great movie! It was the sequal to “Get on the Bus” called “Get da Hell off the Bus!”

I believe you’ll find it was actually called Whoooooooooosh!!!

No no no, it was called “Uh, why was this movie made?”

No. It was “Faster, Pussycat, Kill Kill Kill”

Wasn’t it, “The Fast and the Spurious”?

Oh man, I remember that movie. It was like Speed 2: Cruise Control except on a bus.