I need help regarding the name of a story I read involving the hypocrisy of racism.

It seems to be that the story I am recalling was taught in a high school or college English class. The premise was that a girl of unknown lineage falls in love with a man from the south of the United States (possibly mid 19th century). They proceed to almost get married, but somehow it becomes known that she may have a drop of African blood in her lineage, and he denies her. The twist at the end is that it turns out that he is in fact of mixed lineage. Yet she became shunned, and I can’t remember but I think she may have committed suicide at the end of this story.

Anyway, help would be greatly appreciated and rewarded with good karma.

The first thing that came to my mind is Mark Twain’s Tragedy of Pudd’nhead Wilson, though it’s about a man, not a woman, so I could be wrong.

I remember a similar story but it goes more like this… a southern white plantation owner marries a young white virgin gal. She gets pregnant and gives birth to a very dark skinned child. She is accused of either being of mixed race or fooling around with the slaves, her and the child are tossed out into the cold and either die or nothing more is heard of them. We find out the white plantation owner is actually the one of mixed blood, and in some version of the story he knows of his mixed heritage, but had tossed out his young wife for appearance’s sake.

Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I read this.

Found it!

Desiree’s Baby by Kate Chopin.