I need help shutting down this program!!!

I am in a community college computer science class right now, trying to do work. When WHAM the instructor turns on a program called “LanSchool Student”, and begins to drone on about @%#$ bits, bytes and other crap <b>I really don’t need to know right now</b>, as it can be found in the textbook. A powerpoint presentation goes on my screen, with the same info as found in my textbook, while stealing away a precious half an hour of work from my life.

I am on a Windows NT computer, don’t have the admin password. I need to disable this program so I can continue working efficiently, rather than sitting infront of the computer looking like a fricking zombie cuz of this :wally of a program.

So, oh great teeming millions, please help me out.

The trials and tribulations of students who know so much more than the putz who is trying to teach them.

Perhaps the help you need is in how to learn, and not be an insufferable :wally

If you are so convinced of the efficacy of textbook only learning - why are you wasting time (yours and the teachers) in college?


ah. It seems I’ve underestimated the power of the putz smiley. I shall use it sparingly from now on, and never in GQ.

Perhaps I have neglected describe the nature of this particular course I am taking … as I am pretty sure that all the courses my college offers do require an instructor.

This course does not actually involve a whole lot of thinking, as it is mostly rote work on the computer. Simple memorization and copying out of the lab instruction manual is all that is required. As such, this course is mostly considered as a GPA booster, or to sqeeze past a science course requirement for Arts students. All that has been done, is simply work out of a lab manual, and readings out of the textbook. It is quite likely that it will stay that way. (Not really the most intellectually stimulating of courses is it?)

(Although, upon review of the wording of my OP, it really does sound like I’m a putz…heh…probably because I was typing it in class after I had to suffer through a half hour to 45 minute (wasn’t paying attention to how long it was) powerpoint presentation on my monitor, rather than off the projector up front, that pretty much word-for-word, copied the textbook)

So, my question still stands. Does anyone know how to disable LANSchool Student on a Windows NT computer, without an Admin password?
:wally :wally :wally

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So you are in a classroom and asking how to access a Windows NT machine to disable a program required in class? Is that about it? Perhaps a reread of the SDMB’s policies is in order. You will find that what you are asking is illegal, and against the policies of the SDMB.

Source: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=148527

DrlHn, you didn’t say if the computer is yours or not. If it’s yours, you should be able to screw around with it. The easiest way to avoid the program would be to pull the ethernet cable (or whatever it is supplying the feed to the program).

However, it does seem unlikely that you don’t know your own administrator password. If it’s not your computer, it’s best not to try to disable the program, as you may do so in such a way that the next person cannot access it either (even if that is not your intent), which might get you in some kind of trouble with the school.

I’d suggest bringing another computer or other work materials that do not depend on their computer that can be taken over by the instructor.